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Worked all night in Hollywood

Apr 2, 2007

The worked all night last night in Hollywood trying to bring up the new Hollywood movies USA site.  I made some significant progress but a long ways to go.  I was able to enable (doesn't that sound like doublespeak) a rating system on the site there that enables people to rate an article, in this case they'll be articles about movie reviews, and have a series of stars show up to indicate how many stars eight articles/movie receives.

I also set up a system that allows people to vote on comments.  This is similar to the functionality at Digg where you can vote up or vote down a comment given a plus or minus.  I thought this was pretty cool and definitely think that that will help encourage more comments on the site.  I worked like crazy to find a good tool to include in the site that makes it easy to upload movie trailers and excerpts, however I couldn't find a tool that really worked well.  I ultimately did install one but I'm not terribly crazy about it.  The only thing that really does well is that it doesn't botch up the code if a person flips back and forth between the WYSIWYG editor and the HTML editor and WordPress. 

I found many plug-ins that promised this capability, but none of them actually seem to work very well.  Part of this seems to be due to the recent WordPress upgrade, part of it may be user error on my part and I think part of it is that these were just very basic plug-ins that weren't tested very rigorously.

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