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Azrin Speaking at PostieCon

Apr 1, 2007

I just finished watching one of the video episodes of rock start up from PayPerPost. It's been a couple weeks I was kind catching up on all was going on behind the scenes there. I was extremely surprised to learn that one of the Posties named Azrin on the PayPerPost boards is going to be speaking at PostieCon the big paper postevent next summer. This was somewhat surprising in a way but not really, Azrin is often times one of the highest earners on payperpost. He is also one of the more controversial people among the community as some people dislike his blogging style.

Among other things some folks have even accused him of bragging about having paid ranks on some of his blogs that he really doesn't have which is an odd thing to do considering anybody in the world can check in on something like that. I'm not sure what's going on at these a speaker he, then he's a speaker.

Now I didn't quite believe my ears when I heard it so I checked the PostieCon speaker line up and sure enough found it towards the bottom of the third page. Here's the link to the schedule.

Know what you think about that!

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2 Gabbles(comments):

Didn't have me, even for a minute. No way! But still, nicely done!

skeet said...
2:29 AM  

Yeah...very funny...and try to get me thrown in jail at Vegas again?? I'm still red carded on the strip after my 2003 run..... (go figure)


2:38 PM  

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