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Branding Debacle Identifies a Guru

Mar 31, 2007

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As some of my websites are starting to grow is going to come the point in time where going to need to tap on my sponsors for some help and hire them as my Branding Agency.  Our sponsor, Brand Identity Guru Inc. provides branding services to companies looking to promote their brand to multiple layers and levels of the organization through all the touch points that their company reaches out to drop the world.

If you want to build the brand image of your products or your company or your political candidate or your website their recent release indicates that they can provide some excellent services to help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.  Building a brand image is no simple task requires much more than just picking a good name, especially a name that's not already trademarked.  Brand Identity Guru Inc. might just be the company for you if you're near the services, who knows maybe someday I'll need to take "There's Something About Harry" and do a brand image makeover.

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