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Clapton to Join Palestinian Super Group?

Mar 19, 2007

In Gaza City the announcement was made that both Hamas and Fatah would put their recent infighting aside and form a unity government for the Palestinian people, in the hopes of destroying Israel and establishing an extremist nation to rival others in the region.

It is rumored that Eric Clapton may join as lead guitarist and vocals, however this remains unconfirmed. The international community announced that it wouldn’t recognize this new government if it failed to meet four benchmarks laid down some time ago. These benchmarks include accepting Israel as a state, renouncing violence, finding a good leed guitarist and accepting past peace agreements.

Israel was quick to announce that it would not accept the new collaboration of the Palestinian government. There is wide skepticism in the region as to whether or not the Palestinian Authority will honor the benchmarks.

If you can’t trust people who have been trying to kill you for thousands of years, who can you trust?

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