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Angelina Jolie Looking for another Collector's piece?

Mar 19, 2007

Angelina Jolie is back in the news today as she visits Vietnam, on yet another quest to save foreign children from a life of poverty and despair. Apparently the children in the United States aren’t suffering enough for the actress turned mother’s taste, or maybe under-privileged American children aren’t fashionable this year. Either way, Jolie was seen leaving the orphanage on Thursday with the three year old Vietnamese boy authorities say she planned to adopt.

When Jolie arrived at the orphanage earlier in the day, about twenty children were in the showroom dressed in traditional Vietnamese garb and holding flowers native to the region. It would appear that Jolie went with one of the newer models due to possible warranty issues. After making her selection it was off to the U.S. counselor for a passport.

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