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Canine Horn Training

Mar 8, 2007

I found a rather humorous way to train our dogs. Our two new adopted dogs have been getting in to a lot of trouble last couple weeks.

We have a large brass porn that my father gave to my son one Christmas. I believe he'd found the Horn at Harbor freight tool store, which he frequents on a regular basis.

The horn looks like something that should be attached to the side of the model a roadster or something like that in a big bulb at one end.  You can squeeze it to make a hell of a lot of noise.  The bell of the horn is about the size of a trumpet. Makes a very distinct honk like something you'd hear from a clown.

Of course the dogs are very put out whenever the horn honks and so we've been using it whenever we catch them doing something wrong.

 I got the idea to use this because our Bassett hound puppy  Tends to  Urinate on the floor whenever you yell at him. Especially if you are a man with a deep voice.   That isn't really desirable so we've been looking for an alternate way to train .  Him and the other dog.  the horns seems to be doing the trick.

Whenever they do something wrong, we just honk the horn at them. .  He immediately stopped doingwhatever it is or not supposed to and they even tend to remember.  Our neighbors probably suspect that were in training for the circus, though.

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