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Bush Expected to tell Airline Travelers to 'Stay the Course' despite cancellations

Mar 17, 2007

The Bush Administration welcomed the onslaught of a winter snow storm that is cancelling thousands of flights around the country.  The cancellations are sure to replace the recent scandal over the US Attornies attempts to seize control of the Justice Department and subvert congressional approval processes.

Bush is expected to tell US travelers waiting in lines for hours and stuck on tarmacs for periods in excess of 10 hours to 'stay the course' and be patient.  Separately, Dick Cheney announced that anyone calling for a time table for informing travellers of flight cancellations or a passengers bill of rights is only serving the interests of terrorists and emboldening them the terrorists to attempt their terroristic attacks on a day when the planes will actually be in the air.

 Separately, many people are expected to toast St Patrick today with secret prayers that St Patrick will come to the salvation of the United States and chase the snakes out of the White House.

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