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Iraq's Illegal Immigrants Complain of Violence that Prevents them Maintaining a Cottage Industry in Hand Crafted Bombs

Mar 10, 2007

many illegal immigrants living in Iraq publicly protested the government and US forces that are preventing them from being able to build up a cottage industry that they are attempting to import into Iraq.  These illegal immigrants feel like they're being discriminated against.

Many of them have been working in cottage industries creating Bombs and improvised explosive devices all around the world from Bosnia to Afghanistan to Somalia and Nigeria . 

They feel that the Iraq he government and US forces is not being supportive enough of their fledgling industry.

Bomb making is been a cottage industry in the Middle East for many generations.  Most bomb makers don't pursue the business for the money.  Any good bomb maker will tell you that they're in the business for the virgins.  Everybody knows that bombs attract virgins.  A little known fact regarding bomb makers is that most bomb makers are completely impotent.  Unfortunately the Iraqi government is still operating in the dark ages and doesn't provide adequate means for the disabled to find virgins, so most bomb makers must continue to pursue the craft of bomb making to obtain their virgins just like their fathers and their fathers fathers before them.

Hopefully sometime soon the United Nations will step in and enable the bomb makers to continue building and blowing up their bombs in a way that allows them to gain the number of virgins that they require and live in a quality with other Iraqi citizens.  It is possible that the United Nations will help in this affair and might even provide more virgins upfront to help make amends for the lack of virgins the bomb makers have had while they have been on earth so far . . .

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