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FBI's Misuse of Personal Information Could Prompt a Pay Raise and an 'Atta Boy' From Congress

Mar 10, 2007

the FBI was loudly applauded this week on Capitol Hill when it was learned that they had inappropriately secured and used personal information in relation to the war on terror. We're not talking about tears were talking about your everyday people.

Congress love that of course they love to see government organizations especially those under the Bush administration that run foul of the law and do things incorrectly.  So they are loudly contemplating the potential need to give all of the agents of the FBI along with the attorney general and nice big fat pay raise.

It's also likely that they'll take the attorney general out for a night of rampant debauchery gambling may be a few prostitutes all at the expense of Jack Abramhoff's replacements.  Nothing makes Congress happier than when people break the law these days especially when they're part of the government themselves.

This latest evidence of wrongdoing by someone in the Bush administration of course is helping President Bush's approval numbers skyrocket.  His approval rating recently hit 99% with a margin of error of 2%.

Hoffa Sires Nader

In other news please don Jimmy Hoffa's body this week and after they performed to all records and DNA analysis they learned that Jimmy Hoffa was Ralph Nader's father.

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