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360 Sides to a Problem

Mar 22, 2007

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Maybe you have heard the analogy that there's two sides to every problem, but what happens when you open that up to 360 sides?

Our sponsor recently provided a press release describing their innovation on the concept of the 360° review.  Basically they've taken a concept that sells for millions of dollars through many different consulting companies, they boil down to an off-the-shelf package and set it up as an online web application.  This makes the makes the 360 degree feedback process available to companies of many different sizes small and large.

360° reviews have been utilized by Fortune 500 companies for many years now.  It's starting to filter its way down into medium and smaller sized companies that are starting to recognize the benefits of ensuring that the entire office or primary stakeholders at work with an individual have feedback in their review.  It ties in with the concept of handoffs.  If you handoff your work to another person, they are essentially your customer and they deserve to have a voice in how good the product you're delivering it is.  Similarly if somebody provides you with something and I can include your boss, you deserve a chance to rate them on how good a performance there but they're doing. In general this enables multiple views and perspectives and doesn't limit a review to one subject of persons concept of how you did.  Boils down to the concept that two heads are better than one in more than two heads are better than two!

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