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Yellow Pollen Every Where Season

Mar 28, 2007

I'm working outside and I'm completely covered in yellow pollen.  I'm not doing yard work and working on the computer and I'm saving my computer because I'm sitting here with a Canon of dust off and I'm sprained on my computer every five minutes.

In Georgia we've got zillions of pine trees and by this time year they love of a crazy amount of yellow pollen.  It covers the ground like a light dusting of snow swirls up in dust Devils and when there is a do in the morning it coats cars such that you almost need an ice scraper to remove it.

You can literally see the pollen in the air blowing around at various times of the day.  To keep pollen count on a day like this is absolutely ridiculous all you have to do is look and see the pollen blowing in the air.  It's like asking what's the humidity outside when you can see a torrent of rain falling from the sky.  I've read the leaf blower on the deck twice today and it's still covered again.

I swatted a wasp was trying to make a nest in the railing of our porch and when I hit the side of the porch rail of cloud of dust arrived at on my face.  The flyswatter didn't kill the wasp but the cloud of dust did!

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