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Gun Flooded Capital in DC

Mar 10, 2007

the Bush administration had a major success today in court. The court struck down a law that prevented people from being able to carry guns, handguns, and Washington, DC. The Bush administration and the Pentagon has been bringing back a great deal of information from Baghdad, they learned a lot over the last few years as the Iraq war is continued. One of the lessons learned in that war is that it's very good to have people running around your capital with guns shooting at people.

so through the courts they are now hoping to import that concept back to our own capital and Washington, DC. They just has him in a violence in Washington, DC of late and the Bush ministration is hoping to fix that now that the courts are struck down as law that prevents the use of handguns in the capital. Bush ministration doesn't intend to rest there are also hoping to enable more citizens especially high school students to begin engaging in more bomb making activity. A significant drop-off in science fairs around the country as a result of the no Child left behind act, and act sponsored by the Bush ministration, has given the president a great insight into how to promote science and inspire children in the United States to get more involved. He wants to let high school students make bombs in science class.

the President seems to have a bead on the fact that high school students in particular and for the most part students all around the country like to blow things up. After leading a focus group of teenagers playing grand theft auto, the president had a bit of an epiphany and is working to import more and more of the great aspects of Iraqi culture back to the United States.

Dick Cheney who is publicly against gun control but privately a huge opponent of the Second Amendment, was recently admitted to the hospital after concerns of chest pains started to creep up soon after the verdict came down his court case. He was notoriously lampooned in the press after shooting an attorney that was a key gun rights activist. It was one of the few slips in his public persona that an allowed people to see that he's truly against the Second Amendment.

Cheney would prefer to see that each and every American had a heart plug installed into their person such that if they committed a crime the plug could be removed so that he could watch them slowly bleed to death and bathe in their essence.

Cheney was introduced to the concept of the heart plug when he played the role of the Baron Harkonen in the science fiction movie Dune in the early 80s.

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