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Is Bill Gates Running Out of Geeks?

Mar 10, 2007

Scrappleface pointed out the fact that Bill Gates was testifying this week in front of Congress asking for more geeks. Bill Gates is worried that the United States is running low on geeks. He's hoping that Congress will open up a visa program allowing for unlimited geek immigration.

Meanwhile anti-geek immigrants like Lou Dobbs of CNN are scrambling to scare off geeks and try and prevent them from coming to our shores.  Who is heading up an anti-geek campaign that would force geeks to take cool to us be subject to search and spot wedgies, and they are being forced to cough up their lunch money -- via PayPal.

It's unknown why Gates pledges case in front of Congress and instead that it does go out and buy a few hundred thousand geeks.  It's also unclear what Bill Gates intends to do with all of these geeks.  It's still unclear what happened in 2001 win over 43,000 Gimps went missing in the Redmond Washington area near Microsoft's headquarters.  Many people speculated that Microsoft was doing heinous tests on gimps, while others thought that Microsoft might be trying to develop an operating system that would turn a gimp into a geek ultimately coming up with the geeks philosopher Stone.

Most celebrity watchers however realize that Bill Gates is more than likely using all of those gems for some lewd purposes that only the ultra rich can fathom.

PS I didn't actually read the scrappleface article, so I don't know what it's about really I only read the headline.  Regardless I don't mind giving them the link as they have a very funny website. :)

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