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Segmenting Myself Silly and

Mar 31, 2007

Over the last month I've got off my ass and I finally started to do something with all of the web properties I've purchased over the last year.  I own close to a hundred different websites, but I've been primarily working with free sites such as those on blogger.

Up until recently I didn't feel like I was completely ready to do something with all the sites and so I've been collecting them waiting for the day when I was ready, and that day is ..... is here!

This month has seen the launch of no more, the history of the book of medicine, top 5 hosting reviews, Hollywood movies USA, and Top 10 Tech.

Several of those sites will run with dozens of writers and columnists and some bloggers.  They are more publishing sites and blogs sites saw them but a couple of them are purely blog like the history of the book medicine.

I have many more to go and it's all I can do to keep up with the development time and the time just to upload all the files.  It doesn't take long to build the sites but when you start working with a lot of PHP coder can take a while to get all uploaded especially when you're running multiple blogs on a single website.  And on occasion since I'm running wireless and I have Comcast cable account the connection breaks or go sour and so I think uploaded something up all night long while sleeping only to discover in the morning that something failed to load altogether.

Many of the sites I'm working on are going to be very interesting and they're all preparing me for an even bigger project than a mobile launch this summer!

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