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Taking PMI For Granted; Endowment Policies fail over seas

Mar 10, 2007

In the United States many homeowners take PMI insurance for granted. PMI is often required for mortgage holders that do not have the least 20 percent equity to put down on a home.

In the United Kingdom a similar tool was put in place 20 or 30 years ago called an endowment policy. Like PMI it's an insurance policy and like PMI it's supposed to cover the balance of a home's mortgage if there is a shortfall. Unlike PMI the homeowner or he gets to keep the property, President United States if a person fails on a mortgage to PMI insurance may cover the balance to protect the bank but does not protect the person owns a home.

Unfortunately in the United Kingdom endowment policies have fallen on hard times. That is because the insurance companies are coming up short in the funding apartment. Our sponsor recently provided a release indicating that the government is trying to get the word out to people that there are other alternatives to getting a greater value from a uk endowment policy when the insurance company comes up short. Specialist work to try and find a better selling price for people that are selling their homes back to the insurance company during the default. The specialist can sometimes find homeowners a better selling price for their home than what the insurance company is willing to provide upfront. At the end of the day the same result occurs however the homeowners losing their home.

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