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Blogitive is Back up

Mar 8, 2007

Blogitive is back up this week. They were down for about two weeks bother going through a system upgrade, and I miss them while they're down.

When they came back up first it had a couple of false starts. The system is going extremely slow, and they appeared to have some sort of glitch that was providing to many of the same offers everybody, or possibly they were showing offers that were really composed of test data.

Not really sure but that first day I got suckered into writing up articles were some offers I will be compensated for. The next day they reset the system and basically everything started from scratch. Regardless things are running much more smoothly now.  Its new capabilities and functions in the system make it somewhat easier to navigate.  The system is running much faster today.

After doing a handful of offers with them this week, its been a good reminder of just how simple it is to work with them.

I like having the capability of being able to reserve an offer for two days,  and get to that offer as I get to it. It enables me to plan out the next couple of days as I'm writing up offers and other things on my blogs.

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