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Susanne Sommers Reconstructing Malibu one star at a time

Mar 23, 2007

I caught a show the other day with Suzanne Somers.  I think she is giving an interview on Larry King or something like that.  She was talking about a house fire, or the wildfire that is the destroyed her house.

Though it's a sad tale that her house was destroyed and I would not wish that on anyone.  I was surprised to learn that Malibu is actually a small town.  I lived in California before but I've never been to Malibu and don't know a lot about it.  Apparently it's only populated with about 10 to 15,000 people.

It's not exactly the prescription drug addiction capital of the world I expected, filled with an OC like population of hyper sexed twentysomethings.

According to the Susanne, she moved there because it's kind of a sleepy town.  She's also apparently animal stupid because they name all their animals and pets same name.  It's some sort of family joke but I'll get it . . .

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