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Can't Pull off a Crome Dome

Mar 27, 2007

I have a weakness similar to Sampson.  I have an egg head and I just can't pull off the crome dome look.  I have tried it, I served in the military and I look pretty ridiculous with a buzzed head.

So I tend to keep a full head of hair on my head for two reasons.  First, because my head is shaped like an egg.  Second because I have strange collects in the back of my head to cause my hair ago every which direction unless it's long enough to pull straight.

There is definitely going to come a time and a place when I'm going to start run on a hair.  It's happening already, I'm only fortunate that it hasn't happened as quickly as it did for my ancestors who typically went bald in their early 20s.  Regardless of my luck I have no doubt that will happen.

So one of these days I'm going to need a Hair Replacement.  I'm just a little too vain to go without one, and as I mentioned I looked pretty stupid without a hair.  I'm not the only one with this type of problem, many of us are challenged in the department of being able to pull off a shiny dome.  I don't know exactly what you call that, were the opposite of folliclely challenged, but it doesn't really matter.

I'll just keep a full head of hair on my head.

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dude, you dont even know what an egg head is!, you just have kind of a large head is all. I have an egg head, and it really really sucks because its ugly and i get ridiculed for it, and always have! Im only a teenager, but its still bad.

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