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There's Something About New Furniture

Mar 10, 2007

As we are preparing to move sometime in the next six to 12 months, we have to determine what to do with their old furniture. We have some really expensive stuff and we have some cheap stuff. Some of the cheap stuff is holding up very well in some of the expensive stuff doesn't and vice versa.

The more you think about it the more I said or or contemplate the type of furniture that my family used to have. I great-grandmother had a sleeper sofa that lasted about 50 years. It was this great big orange thing that was hard as a rock, and made out of steel. But it lasted and she doubly got her money's worth out of the couch. (Not to be confused with the spare change that my brother and I used to dig for the cracks of the couch with her kids) sleeper sofas sure are not built like that anymore.

Disposable Furniture v Legacy Furniture that comes with the House

Somehow I wonder if this live furniture all the time trend needs to change a little bit. Easy credit is made easier by furniture left right and forwards. The housing market boom is fueled that as well. But it's pretty annoying to have to move his furniture all over the place and you move all the time. It started to think it might be useful if people left their furniture in the house when I left. It would make it cheaper for everybody to move, and it would make the moving process a little a stressful as you wouldn't have to worry about your furniture getting damaged.

Then the furniture industry to focus on building sturdier furniture to last a lifetime, or more. Everybody likes to experience that new feel, so the furniture industry but also to take a look at ways to revitalize existing furniture easier. Covers that can be added quickly and cushions that can be replaced relatively easy, and accessories like footstools and in things that can also be added quickly and still work with the furniture that you have.

Then again maybe I'm just lazy and I don't move furniture this time... :)

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