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World's Largest Toads Used for Fertilizer Down Under

Mar 27, 2007

My wife love's frogs.  

She always has.  She even has a tattoo of a fraud on her upper thigh.  She's painted frogs, sculpted frogs, collected frogs, raised frogs, but never eaten frogs or turn them into fertilizer.

Big Toad Walking And when I say frogs I kind of long frogs and together with toads.

So imagine my surprise when my wife sent me an article about the world's largest toad getting turned into fertilizer!

Apparently down under they have a giant toad problem.  Giant toads imported from South America close to a hundred years ago are killing off indigenous species of animals in Australia.  The toads were brought in to kill off Beatles, and instead the poisonous suckers are killing off small animals and snakes.

So similar to the rattlesnake roundups that we have in the United States, Australia is having a giant toad round up.  They go out in a hunt down these toads and they bring them back to some strange facility that kills them in a special way.

I say special because these are poisonous toads, and if they just stuck a fork in her brain and buried them in the backyard, Fido might dig them up on and suffer the consequences.  They have to kill them in such a way that it neutralizes the poison that the toads generate.

If these toads were people they probably be part of the axis of evil and President Bush would be out there fighting a war against them.  Fortunately for the toads and fortunately for the people down under, that's not the case and President Bush isn't screwing up the war on toads, and the more effective toad hunters down under a cleaning things up.


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