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Enterprise Identity Management

Mar 15, 2007

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Before I became a freelance writer consultant and business developer, I used to work in the world of audit control, finance, policy and procedure and IT management.

Today I'm pleased to introduce a new sponsor of our site, Symark Software.  They have recently introduced a new enterprise level Identity Management System and password manage software solution designed to be used with my old server tool friends UNIX servers in the next operating systems.  I've worked in environments that use the most diligent controls and policies and procedures to refine and manage their software systems passwords and identity schemes across multiple different resources.

I've also worked with several companies that manage their passwords by the seat-of-the-pants.  Companies that fail to put together manages successfully defending management policy rarely are able to implement a successful enterprise server system without running into some major difficulties.  You can run the best tools in the business like Symark software, but you have to walk the walk not just talk the talk that means you have to live and breathe the policies and procedures as well.

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