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Writing on the Deck without a Computer

Mar 12, 2007

This weekend I'm benefiting from technology and fabulous ways. Sitting on my deck, it's about 70° out, Sun shining, shoes off I'm taking it easy and I'm writing this article.

I'm writing this article with my cell phone. I'm just sitting here talking to my phone, later I'll transcribe my words by uploading The files into my computer. My computer will then auto transcribe those words into an article which I will then publish on this blog so that you can read it now.

This is definitely one of the coolest things that I have found in a month or two and I just can't get enough of it at this point in time. It is so damn easy!

I could just as easily write while I'm out walking, or hiking up Stone Mountain were sitting on a beach trout fishing on a lake. I love to write, but I don't like being pinned to a desk and this definitely brings a whole new aspect to the concept of the mobile workforce.

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