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Gingrich Too busy making his own stains on Dresses to Give Clinton Impeachment the Attention it Deserved

Mar 10, 2007

Christian conservatives came out today loudly complaining that Newt Gingrich didn't do his job during the Clinton impeachment. Newt Gingrich confessed publicly today to the fact that everyone already knew that he'd had an affair while the impeachment of Bill Clinton was taking place in Congress. Christian conservatives are furious that Newt Gingrich wasn't paying attention that have is on the ball during the impeachment.

Many conservatives are furious that Congress was not able to successfully impeach Clinton and now they think that it could be in part because Speaker Gingrich was too busy making dress stains of his own during the impeachment process.  Fortunately the failure to impeach President Clinton is now set a precedent that will enable new to run for the same office of President.  Since he so qualified it having affairs you too can now be president!

Separately many pundits feel that Gingrich may have a good chance of wooing over Democrats to his ticket as his public display of simulating sex talk broadcast from his mobile phone has created a cultlike following of people that now subscribe to his daily sex talk podcast titled "You're Going to Put My Newt Where?"

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