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Branding Debacle Identifies a Guru

Mar 31, 2007

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As some of my websites are starting to grow is going to come the point in time where going to need to tap on my sponsors for some help and hire them as my Branding Agency.  Our sponsor, Brand Identity Guru Inc. provides branding services to companies looking to promote their brand to multiple layers and levels of the organization through all the touch points that their company reaches out to drop the world.

If you want to build the brand image of your products or your company or your political candidate or your website their recent release indicates that they can provide some excellent services to help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.  Building a brand image is no simple task requires much more than just picking a good name, especially a name that's not already trademarked.  Brand Identity Guru Inc. might just be the company for you if you're near the services, who knows maybe someday I'll need to take "There's Something About Harry" and do a brand image makeover.

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Segmenting Myself Silly and

Over the last month I've got off my ass and I finally started to do something with all of the web properties I've purchased over the last year.  I own close to a hundred different websites, but I've been primarily working with free sites such as those on blogger.

Up until recently I didn't feel like I was completely ready to do something with all the sites and so I've been collecting them waiting for the day when I was ready, and that day is ..... is here!

This month has seen the launch of no more, the history of the book of medicine, top 5 hosting reviews, Hollywood movies USA, and Top 10 Tech.

Several of those sites will run with dozens of writers and columnists and some bloggers.  They are more publishing sites and blogs sites saw them but a couple of them are purely blog like the history of the book medicine.

I have many more to go and it's all I can do to keep up with the development time and the time just to upload all the files.  It doesn't take long to build the sites but when you start working with a lot of PHP coder can take a while to get all uploaded especially when you're running multiple blogs on a single website.  And on occasion since I'm running wireless and I have Comcast cable account the connection breaks or go sour and so I think uploaded something up all night long while sleeping only to discover in the morning that something failed to load altogether.

Many of the sites I'm working on are going to be very interesting and they're all preparing me for an even bigger project than a mobile launch this summer!

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The Hollywood Project

Wanted to share with you one of the projects I've been working on the last couple of weeks.  The website is up and it looks like crap, but in the next few days were going to relaunch (it's actually the first launch) a new site that brings people together to do movie reviews.

The website is called HollywoodMoviesUSA and we're going to bring together many different groups of writers to contribute to the website.  We're bringing people into work and groups as well as individuals to write their own columns.  Plus we will syndicate a number of movie reviews and articles from bloggers around the Internet.  So if you have a movie review on your blog and you'd like us to syndicate it please drop us your feed link for that individual article and will include it.

The group concept with his site basically hinges around the idea that we are going to have people representing various walks of life with a focus on musicians, comedians, artists, mothers, professionals and more.  Plus we're going to have individual writers representing several different niches of readers covering age brackets from teenagers to twenty somethings and singles to married couples retirees and everything in between.

If you'd like to join and/or merry band or if you fit into one of those groups please feel free to stop by and see the site (once it's actually launched) or leave me a comment here and I'll get back in touch with you right away.  This will be a for-profit venture but it will primarily be a fun adventure!

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Something About Dallas Web Services

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There could definitely be something about Dallas Web services according to their latest release.  They provide full-service web development, web design, and search engine marketing for clients in the Dallas, Texas area.

Texas is a big state and Dallas is a big city, and sometimes it helps to have someone local take care of your Web designer webwork.  Many things on the Internet can be done over long distances and even over multiple time zones, however sometimes there is an advantage to sitting down with your Web consultant and walking through exactly what it is you do, how you do it and how you wanted on the web.

It's not difficult to find someone to perform Internet marketing for you, however if you're looking for someone to perform dallas internet marketing then douse Web services might be just what you're looking for or looking for in Dallas.

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The Crazy Dog is Back to Normal

Mar 29, 2007

For any of you that have followed the tale (not tail) of my crazy dog, and you will be happy to learn that she is back to normal.

She seems to be adjusting to her false pregnancy much better this week.  Her surgical wounds are almost better and she is slowly starting to get her appetite back.

She sometimes has the energy that she used to display and she does play around with the other dogs on occasion.  She still sleeping more than she used to but for the most part she's at least not acting completely nuts in a hormonal way.  Until we realize that she was suffering from a false pregnancy, we were afraid that her surgery had done some sort of strange damage that might speed up her early demise, but that doesn't seem to be the case and I think she's got to be just fine.

She's leaving the room right now as I write about her, I think she's a little bashful.

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My Side of the Mountain

My son read the book my side of the mountain today.  I remember reading the same book when I was in fifth grade and my son is only in third grade.

He sat down and read the entire book in one sitting this afternoon while he stayed home from school because he was sick with the flu.  I am definitely not a fan of the pressure that schools put kids under these days for number reasons however I am very impressed with the amount of reading he has accomplished over the last year.

When I was in third grade I took almost the entire winter to read "Little House on the Prairie."  It was the first novel I ever read.  I was in a very big fan of the book nor of the TV show especially, however I stuck with the book and read it all the way through.  After that I found many other books that were much more my style and read the moderator basis and say a major book worm, I read several books a week to collect too many books and I really can't put the book down.

However my son has a major head start on the place where I was book reader.  I suspect that that's going to help them out significantly as my ability to read lots of books has always been one of my greatest talents and assets for that matter.  I can only imagine how much this will help him as he seems to be about two years ahead of where I was at the same age.

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Attornies for Jimi Morrison

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I would like to share a few words for our sponsor simmons jannace & stagg and thank them for supporting our fellow blogger Jimi Morrison.  Their latest release describes their legal work in New York and Connecticut and New Jersey.

Their law firm represents Fortune 500 companies from around the country along with medium and smaller companies as well.  The uniquely work with many individuals and even occasions support fellow bloggers such as Jimmy Morrison from Michigan.  Their work and efforts run the gamut from the smallest blogger all the way up to a Fortune 500 company and they work to provide great services with uniquely tailored solutions for their customers.

This is not something that you find with any law firm in the country as many of the major law firms won't have the time of day to smaller client to customers. 

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RIAA Lawsuit Decision Matrix Obtained by bbspot

I just came across this Official RIAA Document as obtained by

Defending against an RIAA attack requires some knowledge of their strategies and tactics. Hopefully this will help! Spread the word, the fortune you save might be your grandmother's!

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Burning Fat with Chemicals?

Mar 28, 2007

It came out in the news this week that Anna Nicole Smith was taking HGH or human growth hormones for weight loss and muscle development purposes.

HGH was also discovered and bags on by Sylvester Stallone and Austro you over a week ago.  This drug appears to be the drug of choice not only for baseball players and athletes but now for actors and models chasing after the fountain of youth.  Re: moving away from a system where people attempt to burn off their calories with drugs such as  Ephedra in order to lose weight?

There are some side effects reported with use of HGH such as an increased growth of the jaw, which if you look at Sylvester Stallone these days and you'll get older pictures of the actor you may wonder...

You might also wonder if the drug actually works.  Can a drug that can allow a baseball player to continue in the major leagues for five to 10 years after their prime would normally be over really be all that bad?

Can the side effects be alleviated?  I'm not advocating the use of steroids, but I am in favor of finding drugs at allow people to live longer happier lives.  Is it so bad to suffer from some side effects and live an extra 10 years?  For that matter is it worth living in extra 10 years with stronger muscles and stronger bones such that you don't break a hip or become decrepit and dependent on nurses and caregivers?

Now that the use of HGH is starting to appear publicly with actors and models I suspect they may become more popular with everyday people.  It's difficult to predict where human thought on this particular topic will be 5, 10, even 20 years from now.

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Yellow Pollen Every Where Season

I'm working outside and I'm completely covered in yellow pollen.  I'm not doing yard work and working on the computer and I'm saving my computer because I'm sitting here with a Canon of dust off and I'm sprained on my computer every five minutes.

In Georgia we've got zillions of pine trees and by this time year they love of a crazy amount of yellow pollen.  It covers the ground like a light dusting of snow swirls up in dust Devils and when there is a do in the morning it coats cars such that you almost need an ice scraper to remove it.

You can literally see the pollen in the air blowing around at various times of the day.  To keep pollen count on a day like this is absolutely ridiculous all you have to do is look and see the pollen blowing in the air.  It's like asking what's the humidity outside when you can see a torrent of rain falling from the sky.  I've read the leaf blower on the deck twice today and it's still covered again.

I swatted a wasp was trying to make a nest in the railing of our porch and when I hit the side of the porch rail of cloud of dust arrived at on my face.  The flyswatter didn't kill the wasp but the cloud of dust did!

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A Present for Every Event?

My kids are swapped into many gifts.  They get gifts for everything.  Our house is literally flooded and gets.  We throw stuff out we recycle stuff we donated to charity we even have a garage sale every year and were still completely overwhelmed.  The problem is that people get gifts for far too many things these days.

Instead of just showing up and been somewhere peoples and gets.  Even when they do show up they bring guests.  When people come to visit you take our kids shopping and they buy gifts.  When we go to visit someone they buy gifts.  There have been times when we've almost been broke and we still get gifts.  It's really ridiculous.

If my family was still Catholic we probably be giving gifts for our children's  first communion gifts, I'm surprised that we don't get gifts for the gifts!

I was just writing an article that in the United Kingdom people are being suckered into a new trend.  Hippies that used to complain about material possessions and more recently about excessive consumerism, are now buying more and more things because a portion of their credit card purchase gets donated to a charity.  It's great the part of the money's going to charity but they're spending more money on stuff they don't need.

We don't have to worry about the polar ice caps melting and flooding the world.  We need to worry about all of the plastic items floating the planet in a sea of junk that nobody can use.

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Dating Myself with Yaz and 12' Mix records

I find it rather funny that the 80s are suddenly popular again.  I now know why things come back into fashion.

Some of the music and close in the 80s truly sucked.  In fact most of the music and clothing in the 80s sucked!

However when Perez come back around and fashion people don't focus on the stuff that sucked even though at the time those things were so predominant that that's all you can see or hear most of the time.

The music is popularized today as been great 80s music, often times was very good back then but you were hard-pressed actually hear that music back in the 80s.

I say this as I'm listening to an old 12 inch mix from a band called Yaz.  It's a great example of 80s music that would have been considered new wave or underground were postponed for what everyone call it.  It's also a great example of music out would never been heard on the radio.  There's a lot of good music in the 80s but none of those on the radio.  Instead of hearing good music you would hear endless loops of karate kid theme songs.

So I guess it's important that we realize that there may have been some great things in the 80s, and there really were but that doesn't mean that the 80s as a period was a great time.  Most of us had to suffer through the 80s swamped in the mediocrity that the media forced upon us.  We had to work pretty damn hard to find the actual good stuff.

I had to walk 10 miles uphill both ways through 10 feet of snow to find a good album back then.  These days if you want to find good music you can find it online or download pretty damn fast with little effort, and that's probably why I'll album sales suck for the music industry these days.  It's not because Apple is cool, it's because the record industry doesn't have a captive audience anymore.  (That same reason will probably spell out Bulls demise as music provider as they to attempt to hold capitve audiences with their music store.)

If there's anything that were learning in the technological revolution, it's that people can be held captive any longer by an industry.  The dying monopoly of Microsoft is probably a great example of this problem.  It's just too easy to pass information and software around these days for anyone to get a hold on things in that manner.  Yes we still have some vestiges of monopolies like Microsoft and Google and Apple for that matter, but I think their days are numbered.

If we don't blow ourselves up in the next 10 years my kids might actually be a list say that they lived through an era that was truly great and not because the greatness was hidden beneath the surface but because the greatness was over dominating in the culture of the society.

That's a bunch of lofty language to basically say that in the modern age everybody can be cool!  :)

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There's Something About Avoiding Traffic with Traffic

I hate Traffic, but I love the idea behind Traffic.

I'm sure that it sounds like a completely ridiculous statement to make, however there is some logic behind it.  I hate driving in traffic.  But I found a terrific tool that I can use to avoid driving in traffic and that tool is called Traffic.

It basically helps you see where the traffic is in a given city, and then it helps you to navigate a path around the traffic.  Its Web 2.0 and mobile technology working together at its best.

I had heard about this tool a while back was just a concept product watching a show on Tech TV.  I came across it again when I was reading this great little article talking about some of the latest useful technologies at  which is a great name for a website and one that my daughter delights in having me say over and over and over again.  And some people complain that all the good domain names have been taken already, he are right excavation point.

These geeks gathered up 25 of the more useful travel tips for geeks.  They cover a couple that I know but they covered many more that I'd never heard of.  I was pretty impressed with the level of detail and with the inside into some of these great Web 2.0 tools they provided.

Now I've lived in South Florida and I've traveled to the Orlando area of more times than I'd like to recall.  For any of my readers that are going to PostieCon in Orlando late this spring I deftly suggest you check out a few of these great sites.  You will probably also find a number of great sites to cover in some of your future articles.  And in the meantime, you can cry into your beer tonight about the fact that you failed to register the domain!

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Can't Pull off a Crome Dome

Mar 27, 2007

I have a weakness similar to Sampson.  I have an egg head and I just can't pull off the crome dome look.  I have tried it, I served in the military and I look pretty ridiculous with a buzzed head.

So I tend to keep a full head of hair on my head for two reasons.  First, because my head is shaped like an egg.  Second because I have strange collects in the back of my head to cause my hair ago every which direction unless it's long enough to pull straight.

There is definitely going to come a time and a place when I'm going to start run on a hair.  It's happening already, I'm only fortunate that it hasn't happened as quickly as it did for my ancestors who typically went bald in their early 20s.  Regardless of my luck I have no doubt that will happen.

So one of these days I'm going to need a Hair Replacement.  I'm just a little too vain to go without one, and as I mentioned I looked pretty stupid without a hair.  I'm not the only one with this type of problem, many of us are challenged in the department of being able to pull off a shiny dome.  I don't know exactly what you call that, were the opposite of folliclely challenged, but it doesn't really matter.

I'll just keep a full head of hair on my head.

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World's Largest Toads Used for Fertilizer Down Under

My wife love's frogs.  

She always has.  She even has a tattoo of a fraud on her upper thigh.  She's painted frogs, sculpted frogs, collected frogs, raised frogs, but never eaten frogs or turn them into fertilizer.

Big Toad Walking And when I say frogs I kind of long frogs and together with toads.

So imagine my surprise when my wife sent me an article about the world's largest toad getting turned into fertilizer!

Apparently down under they have a giant toad problem.  Giant toads imported from South America close to a hundred years ago are killing off indigenous species of animals in Australia.  The toads were brought in to kill off Beatles, and instead the poisonous suckers are killing off small animals and snakes.

So similar to the rattlesnake roundups that we have in the United States, Australia is having a giant toad round up.  They go out in a hunt down these toads and they bring them back to some strange facility that kills them in a special way.

I say special because these are poisonous toads, and if they just stuck a fork in her brain and buried them in the backyard, Fido might dig them up on and suffer the consequences.  They have to kill them in such a way that it neutralizes the poison that the toads generate.

If these toads were people they probably be part of the axis of evil and President Bush would be out there fighting a war against them.  Fortunately for the toads and fortunately for the people down under, that's not the case and President Bush isn't screwing up the war on toads, and the more effective toad hunters down under a cleaning things up.


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There's Something About a Pirate Mailbox

Mar 25, 2007

Sponsored Article

brass treasure chest mailbox I came across a great looking set of Mailboxes.  One of them even looks like a treasure chest or not a pirate movie.  I think it's dipped in brass or something like that may be copper.  Regardless the kids think it looks pretty cool.

I probably would check at first make sure that there's not a heart beating in the inside something drudged up from Davy Jones locker, however it is pretty fancy and kind of shiny and I just kind of like it.


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Anna Nicole Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we will not be allowed to listen to or watch any real news.  All day long we will hear and learn about the truth behind Anna Nicole's death.  The doctor that's been reviewing Anna Nicole Smith's body and the results of forensic investigation or what have you supposed to provide their analysis in judgment on what killed the famous centerfold.

It's unfortunate probably even tragic, but in the grand scheme of things with the world the way it is these days it's just not that important.  If you can hit the snooze button one more time for Anna Nicole Smith tomorrow, I'm sure that's what she would've done!

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Sectional Theatre Sofas for wine or soda

Mar 24, 2007

Like so many other American dolts I own a home theater system.  I have to admit that it's pretty cool to watch movies on the system, but I only use it a few times a month.   Now I also own a sectional sofas, but it's not one of those cool theater like sectional sofa theater seat things. 

You know the type in the elaborate movie theaters where you get to sit in something that used to be called a loveseat but it's got an armrest running down the middle that holds a big 44 ounce soda or a glass of Chardonnay.

I do also have the balcony but never use it.  Basically just gets too hot up there.  They're times also when I convert my theater system into a drive-in and we play movies outside.  That's pretty cool for the kids, and we like it too but you don't really have a lot of privacy.

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Apology for My Grammar Dragon

For those of you that do not know, I have a new dragon.  This dragon is responsible for my atrocious grammar and spelling lately.  It's a grammar dragon.

Not only am I using improper grammar but I'm dropping words and replacing them with nonsensical items every now and then also.

I apologize for my grammar dragon.

I've been using voice recognition lately and it's taking a while the train at well.  It learns to seemingly fast, but when my computer starts to run out of resources memory or gets a little overworked my dragon starts to slip a little bit.

It works so well and so good most of the time that I don't always expect to make a mistake and I don't always catch it in the proofreading.  I'm such a good type or that I typically don't make mistakes and so my proofreading skills apparently have grown weak over the years as my typing capabilities improved.

Unfortunately I can't type like that forever will screw me up one way or another and I don't take the chance so I'm committed to utilizing my dragon from here on out.  I bet you to hang with me as I learn to tame this dragon and get the grammar right.  In the meantime I'll do my best to prove some of my writing little better than I have been.  Correction "proof" not prove.

You see there goes my grammar dragon again . . .


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Portable Water to Beer Filters

Mar 23, 2007

I have a dream. It's not a grand dream, it's probably not even a great dream, it's actually a pretty selfish dream.

I have a dream that someday I will be oval to enter any establishment and not be forced to drink the god-awful water that they pour straight from a tap. 

Sure I know there are many products today that provide Portable Water Filters that can protect me from a Taco Bell water tap.  But I need something more, I need something with hops, something that creates a portable water-to-beer filter. 

No that would be useful.  You clean the water possibly even cold filter and distill and create a useful result, a beer!

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Sit Closer to the Television Little Timmy

Growing up I remember my mother telling me that sitting in front of the television playing video games would hurt my eyesight. Well Mom, you're wrong. Recent research indicates that new video games such as "Halo" and "Lost Planet" may actually improve your eyesight. Unfortunately for anyone who grew up circa 1990, "Tetris" and "Mario" will not help us avoid bi-focals in 20-30 years.

According to this new research, games that require first person shooting improve your vision by increasing one's ability to focus and discern objects. Not to mention these games will help the future generation of American soldiers identify targets on the battlefields of the Middle East in the decades to come.

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Susanne Sommers Reconstructing Malibu one star at a time

I caught a show the other day with Suzanne Somers.  I think she is giving an interview on Larry King or something like that.  She was talking about a house fire, or the wildfire that is the destroyed her house.

Though it's a sad tale that her house was destroyed and I would not wish that on anyone.  I was surprised to learn that Malibu is actually a small town.  I lived in California before but I've never been to Malibu and don't know a lot about it.  Apparently it's only populated with about 10 to 15,000 people.

It's not exactly the prescription drug addiction capital of the world I expected, filled with an OC like population of hyper sexed twentysomethings.

According to the Susanne, she moved there because it's kind of a sleepy town.  She's also apparently animal stupid because they name all their animals and pets same name.  It's some sort of family joke but I'll get it . . .

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Al Gore Battles Third World Nations

As the icecaps slowly recede and polar bears are unable to enjoy a cold glass of Coca-Cola, this could only mean one thing; humanity is at it again! This winter has been recorded as the warmest winter in history. Apparently global warming has reached a level of such severity that it will not be counterbalanced for centuries.

Although El Nino played a role in this winters warmth, it is widely believed that the greenhouse gasses spawned of by worldwide industrialization is the root cause. So let this be a lesson to all the third-world nations out there, stay poor or deal with Al Gore.

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360 Sides to a Problem

Mar 22, 2007

Sponsored Article

Maybe you have heard the analogy that there's two sides to every problem, but what happens when you open that up to 360 sides?

Our sponsor recently provided a press release describing their innovation on the concept of the 360° review.  Basically they've taken a concept that sells for millions of dollars through many different consulting companies, they boil down to an off-the-shelf package and set it up as an online web application.  This makes the makes the 360 degree feedback process available to companies of many different sizes small and large.

360° reviews have been utilized by Fortune 500 companies for many years now.  It's starting to filter its way down into medium and smaller sized companies that are starting to recognize the benefits of ensuring that the entire office or primary stakeholders at work with an individual have feedback in their review.  It ties in with the concept of handoffs.  If you handoff your work to another person, they are essentially your customer and they deserve to have a voice in how good the product you're delivering it is.  Similarly if somebody provides you with something and I can include your boss, you deserve a chance to rate them on how good a performance there but they're doing. In general this enables multiple views and perspectives and doesn't limit a review to one subject of persons concept of how you did.  Boils down to the concept that two heads are better than one in more than two heads are better than two!

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Pink Elephant at Large

Mar 19, 2007

Actress Yancy Butler, star of the mid-nineties cable television show “Witchblade”, managed to stumble into headlines today with charges of driving under the influence and failure to drive in an established lane. Butler crashed her Saab 900 into a guardrail late Tuesday in Connecticut. Although her acting career has been deceased for nearly a decade, Butler escaped the incident without a scratch.

In addition to recent events, Butler managed to procure some press last month when she was charged with disorderly conduct after a fight with her ex-boyfriend. Although Butler’s career as an actress may not be so successful, her current antics may award her a slot on the “Surreal Life” or maybe even “I Love the 90’s”.

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Talk About Speed Dating -

A Fast word for Our Sponsor . ...

Despite the sound of the name,, is not a speed dating service.  Instead it is a online free dating service offering many simple and easy-to-use tools and interfaces to help you find somebody that interest you and shares some common interests with you.

JustSayHi free Dating Service log

The service is free and it doesn't cost anything to sign up.  The sign up process is also very easy and quick.  An Internet world where prices continue to go down and decreased there's absolutely no reason to pay for a dating service these days when you can easily find people to connect with two great services like this one.

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Clapton to Join Palestinian Super Group?

In Gaza City the announcement was made that both Hamas and Fatah would put their recent infighting aside and form a unity government for the Palestinian people, in the hopes of destroying Israel and establishing an extremist nation to rival others in the region.

It is rumored that Eric Clapton may join as lead guitarist and vocals, however this remains unconfirmed. The international community announced that it wouldn’t recognize this new government if it failed to meet four benchmarks laid down some time ago. These benchmarks include accepting Israel as a state, renouncing violence, finding a good leed guitarist and accepting past peace agreements.

Israel was quick to announce that it would not accept the new collaboration of the Palestinian government. There is wide skepticism in the region as to whether or not the Palestinian Authority will honor the benchmarks.

If you can’t trust people who have been trying to kill you for thousands of years, who can you trust?

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A New Favorite Store - Discounts

I found a new favorite store for Our Sponsor CouponChief, who offers coupons for many great deals for some of the largest online stores on the internet.

The store is the store.  I have been an audible member or subscriber off and on for the last eight or nine years.  For existing customers this is a great deal because you can get 20% off any audio book at audible.  For new customers they have a number of great deals including the option to get three audio books for free when you sign up, or 50% off of any audio book at

You can even get a $100 off of an iPod if you sign up at Audible today through our sponsor CouponChief.  All said and told you could easily save a couple hundred dollars going through Coupon Chief if you love as much as I do.

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Angelina Jolie Looking for another Collector's piece?

Angelina Jolie is back in the news today as she visits Vietnam, on yet another quest to save foreign children from a life of poverty and despair. Apparently the children in the United States aren’t suffering enough for the actress turned mother’s taste, or maybe under-privileged American children aren’t fashionable this year. Either way, Jolie was seen leaving the orphanage on Thursday with the three year old Vietnamese boy authorities say she planned to adopt.

When Jolie arrived at the orphanage earlier in the day, about twenty children were in the showroom dressed in traditional Vietnamese garb and holding flowers native to the region. It would appear that Jolie went with one of the newer models due to possible warranty issues. After making her selection it was off to the U.S. counselor for a passport.

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Free Home Appraisals

Sponsored Article

If you are wondering just how much the recent housing market corrections have impacted the value of your home, you might try our sponsors site at  They offer house appraisal for your home based on the prices of recent home sales in your area.

During a correction especially a correction that is compounded with a correction in interest rates and the credit crunch, it's very important to know where you stand in the valuation of your home.  If you need to refinance your home due to rising interest rates that are impacting a variable rate mortgage, or if you need to take home equity money out of your home now, to best to monitor where you stand in the market.  Many areas are still going up in the United States for his real estate is concerned, however some areas have been writing a bit of a roller coaster. 

It's important to note that the valuation of your home doesn't necessarily mean that it equates to what your home will sell for in the future.  Appraisals are typically based on historical sales of similar homes in your area and not reflect the future trend where the housing market is going.  If the market is going down valuations could be high, and if the market turns around stars to go up to valuations could be low.  At the end of the day the only thing that will truly determine the value of your home, is the price that a buyer is willing to provide you that close.

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The Cheese Dog is Fixed

Among many many other things we got our cheese dog, Bleu, fixed today.  It was a relatively painless process for office, however the poor pooch is little exhausted tonight.

Some of you may recall past stories(Diaper Dog Chased by Swiffer! and My dog is out of diapers) about the Beagle that we eventually named bleu and her embarrassing side of having to wear diapers around the house the last time that she went in to heat.

Well that's not going to happen again as she is now officially part of the family, and she is fixed.

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Something about Senegence

Sponsored Article
There's something about the multiple layers of lip stain for women that use senegence products. multiple layers of product help protect your lips from chapping and dryness as well as providing extra flexibility in creating many different hues and shades of colors. plus this layered approach helps to increase the duration that the product will remain on your lips., our sponsor recently mentioned in a new press release, has been one of the leading retailers of Senegence International for over four years now providing products that enable people to mix colors and provide up to three layers of production, color and extra glossiness. The ingredients used in Senegence products are FDA approved. Plus, they offer many opportunities for businesses, small businesses and individuals to resell their products.

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Bush Expected to tell Airline Travelers to 'Stay the Course' despite cancellations

Mar 17, 2007

The Bush Administration welcomed the onslaught of a winter snow storm that is cancelling thousands of flights around the country.  The cancellations are sure to replace the recent scandal over the US Attornies attempts to seize control of the Justice Department and subvert congressional approval processes.

Bush is expected to tell US travelers waiting in lines for hours and stuck on tarmacs for periods in excess of 10 hours to 'stay the course' and be patient.  Separately, Dick Cheney announced that anyone calling for a time table for informing travellers of flight cancellations or a passengers bill of rights is only serving the interests of terrorists and emboldening them the terrorists to attempt their terroristic attacks on a day when the planes will actually be in the air.

 Separately, many people are expected to toast St Patrick today with secret prayers that St Patrick will come to the salvation of the United States and chase the snakes out of the White House.

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PayPerPost News Coming on or After 4-26-07

Mar 16, 2007

It would appear that the kings of guerrilla advertising have something new up their sleeves.  PayPerPost has watched a slew of new competitors show up in the online marketing arena, however they are not resting on their heels.  They are continuing to make major advances with their systems, processes and value offerings.

They recently teased their blogger army with the notion that they are going to be announcing something in the next few weeks and judging by the way they're teasing people it's my guess that they will release that information on or after the 26th of April.

I don't know what the information will be however I suspect one of the three things below.

  1. They will announce a new major speaker for posting con, or
  2. they will announce some sort of promotion or sale to their advertisers to provide a discounted rate, or
  3. they will announce an entirely new service offering an online advertisers and bloggers come together in a previously unseen format within PayPerPost.

The first one is easy the one as PayPerPost is rapidly lining up more speakers for posting con.  The second one is my least likely suspicion even though PayPerPost has been the lowest cost provider of online marketing services that increase site traffic, There are a couple new services are sniping at their heels and I suspect that PayPerPost may offer some sort of spring incentive.

The most likely one that I see is that PayPerPost is going to offer up some brand-new service.  It will be some sort of marketing platform that further enables bloggers to monetize their websites and helps publishers get the word out in a new way that we haven't yet seen from PayPerPost.  Many of the other online marketing firms are rapidly coming out with new service offerings in addition to models such as the Pay-Per-Post and I suspect that PayPerPost the company will work to stay ahead of that curve, both in service offerings as well as in price.

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Enterprise Identity Management

Mar 15, 2007

Sponsored Article

Before I became a freelance writer consultant and business developer, I used to work in the world of audit control, finance, policy and procedure and IT management.

Today I'm pleased to introduce a new sponsor of our site, Symark Software.  They have recently introduced a new enterprise level Identity Management System and password manage software solution designed to be used with my old server tool friends UNIX servers in the next operating systems.  I've worked in environments that use the most diligent controls and policies and procedures to refine and manage their software systems passwords and identity schemes across multiple different resources.

I've also worked with several companies that manage their passwords by the seat-of-the-pants.  Companies that fail to put together manages successfully defending management policy rarely are able to implement a successful enterprise server system without running into some major difficulties.  You can run the best tools in the business like Symark software, but you have to walk the walk not just talk the talk that means you have to live and breathe the policies and procedures as well.

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Writing on the Deck without a Computer

Mar 12, 2007

This weekend I'm benefiting from technology and fabulous ways. Sitting on my deck, it's about 70° out, Sun shining, shoes off I'm taking it easy and I'm writing this article.

I'm writing this article with my cell phone. I'm just sitting here talking to my phone, later I'll transcribe my words by uploading The files into my computer. My computer will then auto transcribe those words into an article which I will then publish on this blog so that you can read it now.

This is definitely one of the coolest things that I have found in a month or two and I just can't get enough of it at this point in time. It is so damn easy!

I could just as easily write while I'm out walking, or hiking up Stone Mountain were sitting on a beach trout fishing on a lake. I love to write, but I don't like being pinned to a desk and this definitely brings a whole new aspect to the concept of the mobile workforce.

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There's Something Genetic About a Fire

Mar 11, 2007

Every two or three months, we light up a bonfire in our copper/brass fire pit, we bought Costco about five or six years ago. It was the best 80 bucks we ever spent. We hang out with our neighbors burn up dead branches that have fallen off the trees over the last three months, along with all pine cones that the kids can scrounge up.

Our neighbors come over and we have a few drinks talking while we catch up with each other under the stars. It makes for a very good time and it seems to be a very interesting social tool.

There's something about fire that's ingrained into the human psyche I think. We watch it gazed at it transfixed to a certain extent probably from thousands of years of our predecessors doing the same thing for the last few million years. Maybe in 500,000 years our collective obsession with TV will trigger some form of genetic impact on our own descendants as well.


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There's Something about Diet Trials?

Mar 10, 2007

As I weigh in at 162 pounds and jog semi-regularly, I am not a good candidate myself for a Diet Trial to have my metabolism boosted up. For the most part my metabolism burns super high naturally.

Not everybody benefits from high metabolism like I do. Everyone has their own unique needs. I do find my metabolism goes up if I am more physically active. I also drink a significant amount of caffeine which probably doesn't hurt much either. You might say that I'm on the diet coke caffeine supplement.

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Mya Walks!

Mya took her first steps today at 1 day short of 21 months old. She's been physical therapy for over a year and has had to work very hard to get this far.

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Taking PMI For Granted; Endowment Policies fail over seas

In the United States many homeowners take PMI insurance for granted. PMI is often required for mortgage holders that do not have the least 20 percent equity to put down on a home.

In the United Kingdom a similar tool was put in place 20 or 30 years ago called an endowment policy. Like PMI it's an insurance policy and like PMI it's supposed to cover the balance of a home's mortgage if there is a shortfall. Unlike PMI the homeowner or he gets to keep the property, President United States if a person fails on a mortgage to PMI insurance may cover the balance to protect the bank but does not protect the person owns a home.

Unfortunately in the United Kingdom endowment policies have fallen on hard times. That is because the insurance companies are coming up short in the funding apartment. Our sponsor recently provided a release indicating that the government is trying to get the word out to people that there are other alternatives to getting a greater value from a uk endowment policy when the insurance company comes up short. Specialist work to try and find a better selling price for people that are selling their homes back to the insurance company during the default. The specialist can sometimes find homeowners a better selling price for their home than what the insurance company is willing to provide upfront. At the end of the day the same result occurs however the homeowners losing their home.

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There's Something About New Furniture

As we are preparing to move sometime in the next six to 12 months, we have to determine what to do with their old furniture. We have some really expensive stuff and we have some cheap stuff. Some of the cheap stuff is holding up very well in some of the expensive stuff doesn't and vice versa.

The more you think about it the more I said or or contemplate the type of furniture that my family used to have. I great-grandmother had a sleeper sofa that lasted about 50 years. It was this great big orange thing that was hard as a rock, and made out of steel. But it lasted and she doubly got her money's worth out of the couch. (Not to be confused with the spare change that my brother and I used to dig for the cracks of the couch with her kids) sleeper sofas sure are not built like that anymore.

Disposable Furniture v Legacy Furniture that comes with the House

Somehow I wonder if this live furniture all the time trend needs to change a little bit. Easy credit is made easier by furniture left right and forwards. The housing market boom is fueled that as well. But it's pretty annoying to have to move his furniture all over the place and you move all the time. It started to think it might be useful if people left their furniture in the house when I left. It would make it cheaper for everybody to move, and it would make the moving process a little a stressful as you wouldn't have to worry about your furniture getting damaged.

Then the furniture industry to focus on building sturdier furniture to last a lifetime, or more. Everybody likes to experience that new feel, so the furniture industry but also to take a look at ways to revitalize existing furniture easier. Covers that can be added quickly and cushions that can be replaced relatively easy, and accessories like footstools and in things that can also be added quickly and still work with the furniture that you have.

Then again maybe I'm just lazy and I don't move furniture this time... :)

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Gun Flooded Capital in DC

the Bush administration had a major success today in court. The court struck down a law that prevented people from being able to carry guns, handguns, and Washington, DC. The Bush administration and the Pentagon has been bringing back a great deal of information from Baghdad, they learned a lot over the last few years as the Iraq war is continued. One of the lessons learned in that war is that it's very good to have people running around your capital with guns shooting at people.

so through the courts they are now hoping to import that concept back to our own capital and Washington, DC. They just has him in a violence in Washington, DC of late and the Bush ministration is hoping to fix that now that the courts are struck down as law that prevents the use of handguns in the capital. Bush ministration doesn't intend to rest there are also hoping to enable more citizens especially high school students to begin engaging in more bomb making activity. A significant drop-off in science fairs around the country as a result of the no Child left behind act, and act sponsored by the Bush ministration, has given the president a great insight into how to promote science and inspire children in the United States to get more involved. He wants to let high school students make bombs in science class.

the President seems to have a bead on the fact that high school students in particular and for the most part students all around the country like to blow things up. After leading a focus group of teenagers playing grand theft auto, the president had a bit of an epiphany and is working to import more and more of the great aspects of Iraqi culture back to the United States.

Dick Cheney who is publicly against gun control but privately a huge opponent of the Second Amendment, was recently admitted to the hospital after concerns of chest pains started to creep up soon after the verdict came down his court case. He was notoriously lampooned in the press after shooting an attorney that was a key gun rights activist. It was one of the few slips in his public persona that an allowed people to see that he's truly against the Second Amendment.

Cheney would prefer to see that each and every American had a heart plug installed into their person such that if they committed a crime the plug could be removed so that he could watch them slowly bleed to death and bathe in their essence.

Cheney was introduced to the concept of the heart plug when he played the role of the Baron Harkonen in the science fiction movie Dune in the early 80s.

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Iraq's Illegal Immigrants Complain of Violence that Prevents them Maintaining a Cottage Industry in Hand Crafted Bombs

many illegal immigrants living in Iraq publicly protested the government and US forces that are preventing them from being able to build up a cottage industry that they are attempting to import into Iraq.  These illegal immigrants feel like they're being discriminated against.

Many of them have been working in cottage industries creating Bombs and improvised explosive devices all around the world from Bosnia to Afghanistan to Somalia and Nigeria . 

They feel that the Iraq he government and US forces is not being supportive enough of their fledgling industry.

Bomb making is been a cottage industry in the Middle East for many generations.  Most bomb makers don't pursue the business for the money.  Any good bomb maker will tell you that they're in the business for the virgins.  Everybody knows that bombs attract virgins.  A little known fact regarding bomb makers is that most bomb makers are completely impotent.  Unfortunately the Iraqi government is still operating in the dark ages and doesn't provide adequate means for the disabled to find virgins, so most bomb makers must continue to pursue the craft of bomb making to obtain their virgins just like their fathers and their fathers fathers before them.

Hopefully sometime soon the United Nations will step in and enable the bomb makers to continue building and blowing up their bombs in a way that allows them to gain the number of virgins that they require and live in a quality with other Iraqi citizens.  It is possible that the United Nations will help in this affair and might even provide more virgins upfront to help make amends for the lack of virgins the bomb makers have had while they have been on earth so far . . .

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Is Charlie Brown Your Dentist?

Our sponsor Hayfield Dental Care recently provided a release regarding Charles Brown dds pc. Their release details hayfield dental care is experience taking care of patients over the years dating back to 1987. They've been serving residents of Alexandria Virginia throughout that time providing services including RĂ¼gen owls and other surgical procedures.

Their release indicates that they have a good record with the Virginia Board of dentistry and a history of zero complaints. The question becomes if you lived in the Alexandria Virginia, would you have Charlie Brown work is your dentist? Personally as long as he's not kicking a football I think everything to be okay...

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Gingrich Too busy making his own stains on Dresses to Give Clinton Impeachment the Attention it Deserved

Christian conservatives came out today loudly complaining that Newt Gingrich didn't do his job during the Clinton impeachment. Newt Gingrich confessed publicly today to the fact that everyone already knew that he'd had an affair while the impeachment of Bill Clinton was taking place in Congress. Christian conservatives are furious that Newt Gingrich wasn't paying attention that have is on the ball during the impeachment.

Many conservatives are furious that Congress was not able to successfully impeach Clinton and now they think that it could be in part because Speaker Gingrich was too busy making dress stains of his own during the impeachment process.  Fortunately the failure to impeach President Clinton is now set a precedent that will enable new to run for the same office of President.  Since he so qualified it having affairs you too can now be president!

Separately many pundits feel that Gingrich may have a good chance of wooing over Democrats to his ticket as his public display of simulating sex talk broadcast from his mobile phone has created a cultlike following of people that now subscribe to his daily sex talk podcast titled "You're Going to Put My Newt Where?"

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FBI's Misuse of Personal Information Could Prompt a Pay Raise and an 'Atta Boy' From Congress

the FBI was loudly applauded this week on Capitol Hill when it was learned that they had inappropriately secured and used personal information in relation to the war on terror. We're not talking about tears were talking about your everyday people.

Congress love that of course they love to see government organizations especially those under the Bush administration that run foul of the law and do things incorrectly.  So they are loudly contemplating the potential need to give all of the agents of the FBI along with the attorney general and nice big fat pay raise.

It's also likely that they'll take the attorney general out for a night of rampant debauchery gambling may be a few prostitutes all at the expense of Jack Abramhoff's replacements.  Nothing makes Congress happier than when people break the law these days especially when they're part of the government themselves.

This latest evidence of wrongdoing by someone in the Bush administration of course is helping President Bush's approval numbers skyrocket.  His approval rating recently hit 99% with a margin of error of 2%.

Hoffa Sires Nader

In other news please don Jimmy Hoffa's body this week and after they performed to all records and DNA analysis they learned that Jimmy Hoffa was Ralph Nader's father.

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Without the Railroad there Might not be a Walt Disney

Central Florida did really start to take off until the railroad reached into the middle of the state. This enabled the citrus industry in the state to blossom. Things didn't stop there, decade after decade brought new real estate boom's.

Today Florida still has one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. People looking to take advantage of the great weather the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic Ocean, or live near the theme parks need to be practical about their real estate investment. Our sponsor recently provided a release detailing the history of Florida real estate. They can provide buyers agents to help you with your real estate choices if you're looking to settle into the Orlando area. Moving into Orlando you definitely need to consider hiring a pro whether you're moving in to Winter Park Real Estate or even purchasing a farmer to raise cattle or oranges.

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Is Bill Gates Running Out of Geeks?

Scrappleface pointed out the fact that Bill Gates was testifying this week in front of Congress asking for more geeks. Bill Gates is worried that the United States is running low on geeks. He's hoping that Congress will open up a visa program allowing for unlimited geek immigration.

Meanwhile anti-geek immigrants like Lou Dobbs of CNN are scrambling to scare off geeks and try and prevent them from coming to our shores.  Who is heading up an anti-geek campaign that would force geeks to take cool to us be subject to search and spot wedgies, and they are being forced to cough up their lunch money -- via PayPal.

It's unknown why Gates pledges case in front of Congress and instead that it does go out and buy a few hundred thousand geeks.  It's also unclear what Bill Gates intends to do with all of these geeks.  It's still unclear what happened in 2001 win over 43,000 Gimps went missing in the Redmond Washington area near Microsoft's headquarters.  Many people speculated that Microsoft was doing heinous tests on gimps, while others thought that Microsoft might be trying to develop an operating system that would turn a gimp into a geek ultimately coming up with the geeks philosopher Stone.

Most celebrity watchers however realize that Bill Gates is more than likely using all of those gems for some lewd purposes that only the ultra rich can fathom.

PS I didn't actually read the scrappleface article, so I don't know what it's about really I only read the headline.  Regardless I don't mind giving them the link as they have a very funny website. :)

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First Away Game

Mar 9, 2007

Tomorrow, my son has his first away game for soccer.  We moved them up to a higher league this year, and he's been learning a great deal.  Now they're taking the team on the road and he gets to have his first away game.

This can be prequel for him as it's his first, and it can be preening for us as well.  The downside is that we got to drive an hour across town in Atlanta, and it's probably going to be a cold day.

That pales in comparison to the amount of fun in these happen though.  So we don't mind much!

Now we'll just have crossed a cold fingers and hope that they win tomorrow.

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Great Deals on Disney Tickets

if you are looking for great deals on tickets to Disney World, our sponsor provides some of the best rates in town on Discount Disney Tickets.

Experienced tourists to the Orlando area, all understand that to get the best rates on theme park tickets, you have to order your tickets ahead of time. If you buy your tickets at the gate you're going to get ripped off. You buy your tickets ahead of time. You can get some excellent discounts and save a great deal of money. If you are traveling with the large family, these discounts can really add up fast.

Orlando has over 50 different theme parks within a 40 Minute Drive, and almost all of the pain parks offer their tickets for sale outside the gates. You can definitely get a better deal if you book early. Using our sponsor. They recently provided a press release describing some of the parts they cover including Disney quest, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, Universal Studios and Islands of adventure. So it's not just Disney that you can save money on, the money you save might even allow you to go to additional parks!

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Great Divorce Stories involving Chainsaws

Normally divorce stories of the bowl chainsaws are not pretty.

Whoa, this was not really pretty either, but a man in Germany were to settle his divorce dispute with this Ex-Spouse with a chainsaw.  He didn't chopper up in little pieces are hitting grizzly like that, this is an American tale.  No instead he took a chainsaw to the House, cut it in half and took it away with a fork lit.

I wonder how he'll make out in court?

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There's something about the mouse

The last time we went to Orlando was about three years ago.

There's just something about the mouse that's the massive draw for people all around the world. When we went we rented three condos for the week. Day were joining condos and we went with extended family so we can open up the doors and and share her what is essentially felt like one massive suite.

In Orlando condos are just the way to go.In Florida in general, condos it are a way of life, Orlando Condos are something akin to black gold. If you go the Florida for vacation and especially to go in Orlando you should definitely look at leasing a condo. You lot more space a lot more room than in a hotel, and often times you get the same services that you get in a hotel including dining and room service and much more.

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Dancing With the Stars - Heather Mills

I was surprised to learn yesterday that Heather Mills is going to be appearing on dancing with the stars.  I've got nothing against Heather Mills, but I think it's a little peculiar, and possibly somewhat sensational for dancing with the stars put her on the show.

It seems like more reality TV moves to be extra sensational and capture the rubbernecking viewers around the world.  Maybe all be proved wrong and Heather Mills Lib be the best answer that's ever been on the show, but I can't help thinking that the taken advantage over just a little bit.  If you great traffic if she's not as a waste of time because people want to see great dancing when they watch that show.

Now if Yoko Ono was on the show that would be a travesty!

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Man Gets $50k bond for Appearance on Jerry Springer

I'm sure this guy will be up for a Darwin award sometime in the future, however today he's getting to spend some time in jail while he tries to come up with $50,000 for the bond that was imposed on him after he cut off his leg bracelet so that he could go on The Jerry Springer show.

This guy appears to be not only stupid but sick. He was wearing that security bracelet on his leg stemming from first-degree sexual assault charge on a child. Personally I think the bomb might be a little bit low. There is any doubt about him being sick those Dutch and be raised when you see the Jerry Springer show as it focused on the fact that the scare is going to marry his half-sister. There are some years when the Darwin awards just can't come early enough...

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There's Something About a Shopping Cart

Mar 8, 2007

If you run a blog or a website as a publisher or a writer, and you have advertising on your site that directs people away from your site, you could be losing business.  Sure those advertisements pay you money, but they also take your customers away.

For example, if you have advertising that takes them away to purchase a product, you're losing them.  You could set up your own online store and shopping cart system to your website and upsell your customers while they're there.  Our sponsor, recently provided a release describing their shopping cart system.  There is software enables you to accept orders from your customers and sell products on your own website.

They recently provided a press release describing their services and their e-commerce platform.  It's been my experience that you don't necessarily want to program a shopping cart system yourself.  Leverage off of the experience of people have done before you and you'll always come with a good solution.  Probably better than the one that you can do yourself.  Mostly because it takes a number of months and years to learn all the lessons that went into making a small refinements of shopping cart software system.

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Canine Horn Training

I found a rather humorous way to train our dogs. Our two new adopted dogs have been getting in to a lot of trouble last couple weeks.

We have a large brass porn that my father gave to my son one Christmas. I believe he'd found the Horn at Harbor freight tool store, which he frequents on a regular basis.

The horn looks like something that should be attached to the side of the model a roadster or something like that in a big bulb at one end.  You can squeeze it to make a hell of a lot of noise.  The bell of the horn is about the size of a trumpet. Makes a very distinct honk like something you'd hear from a clown.

Of course the dogs are very put out whenever the horn honks and so we've been using it whenever we catch them doing something wrong.

 I got the idea to use this because our Bassett hound puppy  Tends to  Urinate on the floor whenever you yell at him. Especially if you are a man with a deep voice.   That isn't really desirable so we've been looking for an alternate way to train .  Him and the other dog.  the horns seems to be doing the trick.

Whenever they do something wrong, we just honk the horn at them. .  He immediately stopped doingwhatever it is or not supposed to and they even tend to remember.  Our neighbors probably suspect that were in training for the circus, though.

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Bassett Hound Rescue Charity Auction

My wife and I adopted a Bassett hound puppy a few months ago. We got the puppy from the Bassett hound rescue society.  We have adopted dogs before but never from a specialty organization that only focused on one type of dog.

Bassett hound rescue group is definitely unique. They are very active about their support for Bassett hounds. As an example and I look at this rather humorously, they sent us an invitation to a charity dinner auction. Basically they are attracting people to a fancy hotel downtown in Atlanta to support Bassett hound rescue efforts.

There's just something about the whole idea that seems rather humorous to me. Sure my wife will take it very seriously, and I suspect she'll probably be attending.

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Beach Vacations almost here

It's almost that time of year.  Spring break is about to kick off and people are going to be heading to the Beach in droves.  Our sponsor provided a press release recently describing their brand-new website, that is their upgraded website, that enables people to find a Great Beach Vacation package editor of a price.

I can't wait to hit the beach myself, but for me.  I'm going to have to wait until sometime this summer.  I'm moving this summer and I'm an older number of other projects of my great beach vacation is going to have to be a little delayed this year.  That's unfortunate, as I haven't missed a beach vacation in the spring.  Since 2000 or 2001.

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Blogitive is Back up

Blogitive is back up this week. They were down for about two weeks bother going through a system upgrade, and I miss them while they're down.

When they came back up first it had a couple of false starts. The system is going extremely slow, and they appeared to have some sort of glitch that was providing to many of the same offers everybody, or possibly they were showing offers that were really composed of test data.

Not really sure but that first day I got suckered into writing up articles were some offers I will be compensated for. The next day they reset the system and basically everything started from scratch. Regardless things are running much more smoothly now.  Its new capabilities and functions in the system make it somewhat easier to navigate.  The system is running much faster today.

After doing a handful of offers with them this week, its been a good reminder of just how simple it is to work with them.

I like having the capability of being able to reserve an offer for two days,  and get to that offer as I get to it. It enables me to plan out the next couple of days as I'm writing up offers and other things on my blogs.

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Need to Get Back to My Night Schedule

Mar 7, 2007

For about the last week and a half, I have been working days.  Now, I am a night owl.

I work better at night.  I can typically get twice as much done at night and I can work more quickly and efficiently.  Unfortunately I've been working days the last week and this means that my days are limited to simple 14 to 16 hour days.  When I work nights I can work 20 hour day.

So my days of been shorter and less productive.  I'm working on turning that around right now.  Each damn sleeping a little bit longer, and staying up a little bit later.  Soon I'll be back to my normal schedule, and working from noon until three or four in the morning.  He for the transition happened quickly because I have a ton of work to do.  I need that extra time and that extra energy.  On a positive note I've been jogging more lately so I am getting more exercise.  That's definitely help being my outlook be more positive these days.

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Is Now the Time to Buy Gold?

Last week during stock market correction precious metals took a bit of pounding on price. If you're holding a position in precious metals gold or silver or anything else you probably were not having a good week.

However the correction may have almost passed. Some people think that it might be completely corrected even though these correction sometimes can take a few weeks. So as the correction bottoms out it may now be the time to move into precious metals such as gold.

If now is the time,it may be good to watch the precious metals markets over the next few weeks and move in as the correction hits its lowest levels. After all the point is to buy low and sell high. Our sponsor Monex Deposit Company (MDC) provides its customers with the means to buy into precious metals.

I always recommend that you buy precious metals in a market tradable form as opposed to buying products that are artistic in nature such as collectible coins and whatnot.

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Shrek's Daughter is an American Idol Contestant that might make the Finals

The lines between fiction and reality seem to have blurred the season of American Idol.

For whatever reason the daughter of a computer animation movie character named Shrek has made it onto American Idol.  Many people were surprised to learn that Melinda Dolittle is the daughter of Shrek, an animated character played in a CGI movie.


Shrek is a very musical cartoon movie, and it's easy to see that the fruit and fall too far away from the tree.  Fortunately Melinda picked up more of the same genes and fewer of the rough around the edges inhospitable character flaws that Shrek has.  Regardless of the talent in the family to family resemblance is indisputable, just look at that chin!


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Referring Someone You Love to Drug Rehab

A Message from Our Sponsor

One of the most difficult things that anyone can do is witness their loved ones or children or their friends suffer from a drug addiction.  Finding good reliable help for your loved ones to deal a third drug addictions is even harder.  There are many services and solutions out there, but it's a bit of a taboo topic.

People do not tend to share some of the information they know about drug treatment facilities.  Facilities don't benefit from the word-of-mouth that normally occurs with many other medical facilities and treatment plans. provides drug rehab services and counseling.  Their site provides a great deal information on drug rehab, the prevention of relapses, prescription drugs and many other resources that can aid families and friends to find a solid solution.

One of the nasty evils about drug addiction is that for most people once they're addicted to a drug they're addicted for the rest of their life.  They may get on top of things for a short amount of time but the odds are not in their favor to stay on top of things and avoid or relapse altogether.  Good counseling family support in some times psychiatric medications in combination are the only solution that is proven to at least provide a person that's dependent on drugs a chance.  The person addicted to drugs just can't do it by themselves.

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Idol Sucks This Year

Antonella Barba America is n Idol Photo Scandal I've been watching American Idol this season, and the show's been pretty much crap. Overall the guys this year are terrible. There's one or two that are average. And there's another one or two that have an interesting charisma. But most of them can barely hold a tune.

The girls are somewhat better. than water to their very good singers, but the last load of charisma for the most part. This year’s American Idol seems to be prime example of how the show doesn't work.

I think a couple of the girls probably are good enough to earn a recording contract. But all the extra hype that comes with American Idol, all the tours, and interviews are probably going to be wasted on the girls that will win at the end of the day.

One thing that continually bugs me about the show, is that the judges often say things like "you probably deserve a recording contract." What this says is that even if somebody has a good voice they are deserving or entitled to a recording contract. That seems to hype the show's fallacy more than anything. Nobody's entitled to anything in life. They don't learn it it's not worth much. That's essentially the crux of the problem with the show. It is an entertaining talent show, but it rings false when they start talking about entitlements, especially for tidbits 17 or 18 or 20 years old. Entitlements corrupts, but they corrupt the young more so than older people that are more protected from that false sense of deserving.

Obligatory scandal

Antonella Photo Scandal And then you've got a goofiness with the scandals again. One of the less talented (at singing) girls posed partially naked on some monument in Washington( World War II monument). She seems to have forgotten how to sing altogether since the initial tryout, she is only still in the competition because she's good looking. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a little eye candy on TV every now and then. But I'm not so stupid as to ignore the fact that the eye candy as they are intentionally to pump up the ratings.Or was


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Stethoscopes Not Sexy Enough to Carry all the time on House?

Why is it that when you watch House the doctors, especially the three junior doctors that work for House rarely have stethoscopes on them except for in those situations where they are actually preparing to use the stethoscope?

House sometimes plays with one. Almost every doctor I know seems to carry a stethoscope whenever they're in the actual office or hospital. They don't seem to go anywhere without them for the most part, with the possible exception of the MRI room where metal is not allowed.


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