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PayPerPost News Coming on or After 4-26-07

Mar 16, 2007

It would appear that the kings of guerrilla advertising have something new up their sleeves.  PayPerPost has watched a slew of new competitors show up in the online marketing arena, however they are not resting on their heels.  They are continuing to make major advances with their systems, processes and value offerings.

They recently teased their blogger army with the notion that they are going to be announcing something in the next few weeks and judging by the way they're teasing people it's my guess that they will release that information on or after the 26th of April.

I don't know what the information will be however I suspect one of the three things below.

  1. They will announce a new major speaker for posting con, or
  2. they will announce some sort of promotion or sale to their advertisers to provide a discounted rate, or
  3. they will announce an entirely new service offering an online advertisers and bloggers come together in a previously unseen format within PayPerPost.

The first one is easy the one as PayPerPost is rapidly lining up more speakers for posting con.  The second one is my least likely suspicion even though PayPerPost has been the lowest cost provider of online marketing services that increase site traffic, There are a couple new services are sniping at their heels and I suspect that PayPerPost may offer some sort of spring incentive.

The most likely one that I see is that PayPerPost is going to offer up some brand-new service.  It will be some sort of marketing platform that further enables bloggers to monetize their websites and helps publishers get the word out in a new way that we haven't yet seen from PayPerPost.  Many of the other online marketing firms are rapidly coming out with new service offerings in addition to models such as the Pay-Per-Post and I suspect that PayPerPost the company will work to stay ahead of that curve, both in service offerings as well as in price.

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