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Harry’s Looking for a New Hair Style – Maybe

Dec 8, 2008

That title about sums up my state of mind this weekend.  I’m thinking about getting a new hairstyle.  I used to change my hairstyles like I changed my sun glasses.

These days, I’m typically less concerned. 

However, I am feeling the need for change.  I’m changing a number of other things in my life, business and work right now.  Mostly doing upgrades and improvements in a number of areas.  So as a possible natural progression, I’m thinking about changing . . .  upgrading my hair style.

Now, in the past when I made choices about changing my hairstyle, I knew exactly what I was doing, and did it. 

image Right now, I’m still in the concept stage of things.  Plus, my trusted hair dresser, Mark Lehew, lives about 800 miles away in Boca Raton.

That means if I do make a change, I either need to fly down to South Florida, smoke some cigars and have a few beers with Mark while I get my hair cut, or I’ve got to find a new hair dresser.

That raises a number of thorny issues, as I have rotten luck finding good hair stylists or barbers, Mark happens to be both, which is kind of rare.

So anyway, I’m looking through some site with sample hairstyles.  Kind of like the Zohan book, but online and supposedly current.  ;)

So here are some of the images that are either close to where I am right now in style (hence an easier transition) and / or things that look doable or something for me right now.


The image above is probably a little old for me, and the least change from where I am right now.  Plus, my hair is not that coarse.


My hair is this thin, but I’m definitely not that young any more.  I could probably make my hair look like that for about 5 minutes, but definitely wouldn’t keep it that calm for much longer.


I could probably pull this one off, but my hair would be permanently tangled after a month and I might as well go with dread locks after that.  Don’t think so.


So this is just my hair style when I have just woken up or on a windy day.  Guess the upside to this hair style is that you don’t have to shave because you hide your facial hair with the head on the top of your head.  I’ll call this the werewolf comb over.


If I cut about 7 inches off my hair, this is basically what I’d have now.  I can grow facial hair in this pattern in about well, . . . . I’d just have to shave a bit tomorrow.


This would just be waking up, spraying a bunch of hairspray in my hair as is and then putting on a decent suit and tie that I’d only wear once.

Then we move into shorter hair styles (not short, just shorter)


I could maybe do that, but my hair doesn’t have that much body to it, so I’d have to spend a lot (time) on product.


I’ve done this one before, wasn’t really my cup of tea.  Went much shorter after this one.


I just wanted to share that one.  Its either Austin Powers turned into a werewolf or the wolf man has turned dandy.


OK, so all in all this was helpful in confirming something that anyone could learn from watching Zohan.

Grilled Fish do not belong in your bum!

Well, that’s an obvious lesson, but what I really meant to say was that you can’t find a hair style in a picture book and apparently not on the inter-tubes either.  :)

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