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Sectional Theatre Sofas for wine or soda

Mar 24, 2007

Like so many other American dolts I own a home theater system.  I have to admit that it's pretty cool to watch movies on the system, but I only use it a few times a month.   Now I also own a sectional sofas, but it's not one of those cool theater like sectional sofa theater seat things. 

You know the type in the elaborate movie theaters where you get to sit in something that used to be called a loveseat but it's got an armrest running down the middle that holds a big 44 ounce soda or a glass of Chardonnay.

I do also have the balcony but never use it.  Basically just gets too hot up there.  They're times also when I convert my theater system into a drive-in and we play movies outside.  That's pretty cool for the kids, and we like it too but you don't really have a lot of privacy.

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