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There's Something About a Shopping Cart

Mar 8, 2007

If you run a blog or a website as a publisher or a writer, and you have advertising on your site that directs people away from your site, you could be losing business.  Sure those advertisements pay you money, but they also take your customers away.

For example, if you have advertising that takes them away to purchase a product, you're losing them.  You could set up your own online store and shopping cart system to your website and upsell your customers while they're there.  Our sponsor, recently provided a release describing their shopping cart system.  There is software enables you to accept orders from your customers and sell products on your own website.

They recently provided a press release describing their services and their e-commerce platform.  It's been my experience that you don't necessarily want to program a shopping cart system yourself.  Leverage off of the experience of people have done before you and you'll always come with a good solution.  Probably better than the one that you can do yourself.  Mostly because it takes a number of months and years to learn all the lessons that went into making a small refinements of shopping cart software system.

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