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Apology for My Grammar Dragon

Mar 24, 2007

For those of you that do not know, I have a new dragon.  This dragon is responsible for my atrocious grammar and spelling lately.  It's a grammar dragon.

Not only am I using improper grammar but I'm dropping words and replacing them with nonsensical items every now and then also.

I apologize for my grammar dragon.

I've been using voice recognition lately and it's taking a while the train at well.  It learns to seemingly fast, but when my computer starts to run out of resources memory or gets a little overworked my dragon starts to slip a little bit.

It works so well and so good most of the time that I don't always expect to make a mistake and I don't always catch it in the proofreading.  I'm such a good type or that I typically don't make mistakes and so my proofreading skills apparently have grown weak over the years as my typing capabilities improved.

Unfortunately I can't type like that forever will screw me up one way or another and I don't take the chance so I'm committed to utilizing my dragon from here on out.  I bet you to hang with me as I learn to tame this dragon and get the grammar right.  In the meantime I'll do my best to prove some of my writing little better than I have been.  Correction "proof" not prove.

You see there goes my grammar dragon again . . .


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