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A New Favorite Store - Discounts

Mar 19, 2007

I found a new favorite store for Our Sponsor CouponChief, who offers coupons for many great deals for some of the largest online stores on the internet.

The store is the store.  I have been an audible member or subscriber off and on for the last eight or nine years.  For existing customers this is a great deal because you can get 20% off any audio book at audible.  For new customers they have a number of great deals including the option to get three audio books for free when you sign up, or 50% off of any audio book at

You can even get a $100 off of an iPod if you sign up at Audible today through our sponsor CouponChief.  All said and told you could easily save a couple hundred dollars going through Coupon Chief if you love as much as I do.

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