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There's Something About Avoiding Traffic with Traffic

Mar 28, 2007

I hate Traffic, but I love the idea behind Traffic.

I'm sure that it sounds like a completely ridiculous statement to make, however there is some logic behind it.  I hate driving in traffic.  But I found a terrific tool that I can use to avoid driving in traffic and that tool is called Traffic.

It basically helps you see where the traffic is in a given city, and then it helps you to navigate a path around the traffic.  Its Web 2.0 and mobile technology working together at its best.

I had heard about this tool a while back was just a concept product watching a show on Tech TV.  I came across it again when I was reading this great little article talking about some of the latest useful technologies at  which is a great name for a website and one that my daughter delights in having me say over and over and over again.  And some people complain that all the good domain names have been taken already, he are right excavation point.

These geeks gathered up 25 of the more useful travel tips for geeks.  They cover a couple that I know but they covered many more that I'd never heard of.  I was pretty impressed with the level of detail and with the inside into some of these great Web 2.0 tools they provided.

Now I've lived in South Florida and I've traveled to the Orlando area of more times than I'd like to recall.  For any of my readers that are going to PostieCon in Orlando late this spring I deftly suggest you check out a few of these great sites.  You will probably also find a number of great sites to cover in some of your future articles.  And in the meantime, you can cry into your beer tonight about the fact that you failed to register the domain!

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