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Is Now the Time to Buy Gold?

Mar 7, 2007

Last week during stock market correction precious metals took a bit of pounding on price. If you're holding a position in precious metals gold or silver or anything else you probably were not having a good week.

However the correction may have almost passed. Some people think that it might be completely corrected even though these correction sometimes can take a few weeks. So as the correction bottoms out it may now be the time to move into precious metals such as gold.

If now is the time,it may be good to watch the precious metals markets over the next few weeks and move in as the correction hits its lowest levels. After all the point is to buy low and sell high. Our sponsor Monex Deposit Company (MDC) provides its customers with the means to buy into precious metals.

I always recommend that you buy precious metals in a market tradable form as opposed to buying products that are artistic in nature such as collectible coins and whatnot.

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