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The Crazy Dog is Back to Normal

Mar 29, 2007

For any of you that have followed the tale (not tail) of my crazy dog, and you will be happy to learn that she is back to normal.

She seems to be adjusting to her false pregnancy much better this week.  Her surgical wounds are almost better and she is slowly starting to get her appetite back.

She sometimes has the energy that she used to display and she does play around with the other dogs on occasion.  She still sleeping more than she used to but for the most part she's at least not acting completely nuts in a hormonal way.  Until we realize that she was suffering from a false pregnancy, we were afraid that her surgery had done some sort of strange damage that might speed up her early demise, but that doesn't seem to be the case and I think she's got to be just fine.

She's leaving the room right now as I write about her, I think she's a little bashful.

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