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Diaper Dog Chased by Swiffer!

Jan 26, 2007

OK, this is a little on the silly side and probably a little less mature than you might be expecting, but as I type this its going on three am in the morning and its almost my bed time.

That means that I need to put the beagle in her cage for the night.

You see the beagle is in heat and she's a stray and we haven't gotten her fixed yet as she is almost our dog, but not quite yet.

We don't keep dogs outside and so we have the practical problem of dealing with the beagles  . . . . sanitary issues right now.  I'm sure you've seen the commercials on TV for the human condition, but no one talks about the canine condition and their sanitary concerns.

Now the canines themselves don't really mind, after all they would just as soon drink from a toilet or roll in a pile of crap in the grass for a good time.  But we silly humans that think we are taking care of our fellow animals, we call pets need to keep our homes clean for many very good reasons.

So we have cut a hole in a diaper and now during the day, I find myself chasing the beagle around trying to put the damn thing back on her as she constantly finds ways to take the diaper off.

 Worse yet if she has a  . . . . sanitary accident, then I find myself following the beagle around with a Swiffer.  Of course, she's a bit of a paranoid beagle (she's a stray and all and they have street smarts so they are naturally more skittish).  When she sees me following after her with the swiffer cleaning things up, she knows that a new diaper is soon to follow and equates the swiffer with a diaper.  She doesn't like the diaper and so the swiffer by extension has become a threat, a threatening swiffer that seems to chase her all over the house.

I guess people are lucky that they don't have sanitary issues like this, swiffer's chasing them and things, let alone a dog looking out for us, regularly putting a new diaper on us. 

Wow, I really can't wait until this beagle is out of heat so that we can get her fixed!


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