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Who represents Kmart and Home Depot and my Good Friends at Bank of America?

Jan 27, 2007

A Word for our Sponsor

The answer to that question is Simmons Jannace and Stagg and now they are one of our sponsors again.  They represent all sizes of companies including fortune 500 companies.  simmons jannace & stagg provide a full service law firm that has grown significantly in size and capability over the last 10 years.

Their latest press release lists many of their clients and customers including major companies like Kmart and Bank of America and Home Depot and more.  Even though they have grown they still take on new and smaller companies working to establish and build relationships for the long haul.  They work to insure that their teams of lawyers do not fall slave to convention and push them to work out of the box and think creatively to solve problems with a minimal amount of conflict.

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