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There's Something about a Tummy Tuck

Jan 26, 2007

So if money weren't an option and you could afford to take some time off for recovery, and if you needed it would you get a tummy tuck?

As I think about it, I am recently reminded that a tummy tuck could take off some weight and that has to be good for your body and your system, heart too for that matter.  Surgery is a major trauma for the body, but wouldn't the life you give back to your heart help out?

America is over weight and that is supposed to be so expensive for us.  Maybe we should take rapid action.

All of these thoughts were recently inspired as a read a release from Dr. Lloyd Krieger one of our new sponsors.  He recently opened a new boutique located in the middle of Rodeo Drive.  His boutique caters to people looking for cosmetic surgery solutions even if that includes a los angeles tummy tuck.  He provides liposuction, tummy tucks, facial rejuvenation and the cosmetic surgery staple of breast augmentations and surgical breast implants. 

So what do you think, would you take some pounds and inches off to extend your years?


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