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Have you Ever Planned on Getting Sick?

Jan 26, 2007

Binge drinkers sometime prepare for the likely or the inevitable sickness that comes from drinking too much alcohol.  I have a friend that used to drink peppermint schnapps all the time when he was a teenager (yes underage drinking is bad).

His philosophy had multiple parts:

  1. If he were to kiss or make out with a girl, his breath would smell like peppermint,
  2. If he got pulled over by the police, his breath would smell like peppermint.
  3. If he got sick and blew chow all over the place, it would taste pepperminty coming up!

I was reminded of this philosophy earlier this week when the flu raged through the household.  I started worrying about the possibility of blowing chow and I found myself eating things that wouldn't be too awfully bad the second time around.

But that list is a little short, I couldn't think of very many things, but came up with a few, like eating the candy hot tamales, or drinking a sprite as opposed to diet coke.

I then became curious if other people ever engage in this activity too, whether they are fighting off the flu or alcoholism.


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