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Here's Your Sign

Jan 12, 2007

I was flying back from Las Vegas a couple mornings ago.  I hadn't had any sleep in 24 hours and hadn't had much more than 8 hours sleep in the last 4 days.

I was checking in a bag at the airport, had just gotten the sticker strip with the bar code on it and was instructed to take my bag about 50 feet from the check in counter and give it to the TSA personnel by a big machine that was probably a big X-ray or something.

I wheeled my way over there with my bag that weighed 49 pounds (just under the minimum to check in for free) and handed it over to a guy behind a kind of security strip.  I had the slide out handle on my bag extended.  On my Samsung bag this handle locks in place and will not slide down by force unless you push a button built into the handle.

Worried about this fact for reasons that typically only come up when I'm dealing with my kids (I hope!)  I mentioned to the guy that he would have to push down the button to close the handle on the bag.

He quickly responded (in a fashion that indicated that he had not only had plenty of sleep, but lots of coffee too) "yeah I've never operated one of these before."   His grin and the comment bowled me over and I was instantly laughing with how stupid my comment must have been.

It immediately made me think that this would have made a great addition to that never ending them that Bill Engvall started called, "Here's Your Sign" where he offers up situations where stupid people should be forced to wear a sign that says, I'm stupid after stupid comments.

This was definitely my stupid moment that day, but possibly not my worst!

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