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Defining Concert Events in My Life

Jan 22, 2007

I have two defining concert events in my lfie.  I once took a trip to Chicago to see the Ramones and Debbie Harry in concert at the World Theatre complex.

My best friend and I had been invited by two girls that had tickets and we had the car.  We went to Chicago first, and they kind of drove us nuts on the trip, even though we were all good friends.

We were under the impression from the girls that the Ramones were headlining, but for whatever stupid reason, The Ramones opened and we ended up missing the Ramones while we waited in a 2 hour line to park.

The Debbie Harry Concert was great and concluded with Debbie Harry ripping off her shirt.

That was a lot of fun but about two or three years later, I went to the first Lollapalooza in San Francisco.  I went to see Nine Inch Nails, which was some small act at the time, just about a year after Pretty Hate Machine had come out and a few months after the Sin single had come out.

The show included the But Hole surfers, Living Color, Suzie and the Banshees and Janes Addiction.

At the time I didn't know the But Hole Surfers nor Janes Addiction even though I'd heard of them.

I had driven my motorcycle down to the concert with a girlfriend on the back.  We met up with some friends and made some new friends at the concert.  It was an all day thing and the combination setting of San Francisco, Lollapalooza the original, and some strange girl that gave me a drink that was supposed to be laced with something to make the experience very  . . . . trippy, but instead turned out to be just beer in a squirt gun.  (You just can't trust a girl with a squirt gun anymore.)

All the bands were excellent, and Janes Addiction capped off the show, which was completely amazing, I've been a huge fan since.  As I was driving back to Monterey (home at the time) and riding my bike through the mountains with "Coming Down the Mountain" running through my head, and my girl friend on the back of my motorcycle, we hit a lot of fog and the roads got very slippery.

We lost traction and the bike fish tailed for about a quarter mile or so, which scared the crap out of me and woke up my girl friend, who had apparently fallen asleep.

It was one of those charmed experiences where you come close to death, but escape unharmed and get the feeling that a guardian angel must have been on your side.

The whole event capped off the night and left me with an experience that I won't forget.

So now I'm submitting this experience in the form of a video as for a sponsored post and submission into a contest for PayPerPost Concert.

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