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Jan 27, 2007

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After coming back from a trip at the beginning of the year and most recently Illinois for personal reason.  I am somewhat behind in my some of my work.  Its illustrative to me that now is the time to insure that I have my priorities straight.  You can only do this if you have good information about your business activities.  You have to know where your costs are going, where your revenue is coming from and put the two together to determine your profits.

Its the same for any business large or small.  You have to monitor your costs, evaluate them, make plans for improvement, execute the improvements and repeat. 

Our sponsor, Acorn System provides companies software tools they need to measure and track the activity that is taking place.  They offer activity based cost software solutions enabling companies to answer the question, "What is going on?"

If your company needs to understand its priorities and find out what is going on, then starting with your costs is likely to be a rewarding place to begin.

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