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The Rags to Silk Story of Peter Belisi

Jan 24, 2007

I have been following the Rags to Silk story of Peter Belisi for quite a while now.  Belisi Designs is one of our preferred sponsors and you can learn more about Belisi - How it Started at their website or blog. Personally, I think its a great story and suspect this is just the first of many great steps to come.

Belisi got started working as a bar tender to the old money types in Palm Beach, Florida.  I'm not talking about old computer or internet money, think robber barons and Rockefellers, rail roads, steel and oil.

Peter tended bar and any good bar tender needs to have a bit of a gimmick, something to make them stand out and appear unique, but also give them a conversational item to connect with their customers.  

So how do you connect with old money, when you are a bar tender in Palm Beach?  Its not easy.

But Peter Belisi was creative and he had a panache of taste for ties.  He had a tie collection and developed a reputation for never wearing the same tie twice.  Now old money types are quick to notice quality and tasteful clothing, anything less sticks out like a plastic Halloween costume in a Monday morning board room meeting.

Peter collected great ties.  He also started designing them and many other clothing accessories from scarves to handbags and more.  He recognized that a great suit or dress or outfit just wouldn't have that  . . . . certain something unless it was garnished with the perfect accessory.

Now he has founded Belisi Designs and he is living the American dream.  He provides great designs and clothing accessories and I suspect that his journey will continue to encapsulate even more in the future.  After all if he was able to capitalize on all those conversations and lessons as a bar tender, just think what he'll be able to accomplish and learn from running his own clothing and design empire!


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