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My New Shanty Desk increasing efficiency

Jan 5, 2007

I am getting my office completely reorganized as part of my new years something or other.

I upgraded to a new computer (more articles to follow) and I've been organizing my files and everything else.  My old computer was very old and getting very bogged down with clutter.  Running slowly and just not helping me be as efficient as I normally am.

I have been on the fence about getting a new desk.  It just hasn't been a priority.  The computer, other equipment, software and training are the priorities.

So I bought a new computer, brought it home and started to get it setup and realized, I don't have enough desk space.  So I slapped together a very rudimentary desk addition, You can call it a Shanty Desk.  Its basically two very old shelves that have been holding down the spider population in my garage with a big sheet of plywood screwed down on top of them.

It looks like hell, but its very functional.  I'll work on getting a new desk sometime next summer.  Ain't got time for a glam home office right now.


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