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You Have to Be 21 to Poor Milk in Here

Jan 6, 2007

image of glass of milk I went out with my wife and kids for dinner tonight to celebrate my wife's birthday.  We tried a new restaurant that we hadn't been to before called Johnny Carino's Italian.  Its supposed to be 'country Italian.'

The food was good enough, but I wouldn't call it great.  The service was excellent and we had a very friendly waiter that was on top of his game, until the kids ran out of milk.

We have little kids and running out of milk is sometimes a traumatic ordeal that can result in a piercing screams of terror followed by frustration and anger and disappointment.  Fortunately, tonight was a minor incident and my four year old daughter and sometimes candidate for the Exorcists Daughter was only mildly miffed.

The waiter went to get more milk, but came back dejectedly when he learned that the bartender was out on break somewhere (6:30pm on a Friday night????? strange time for a bar tender to take a break at a busy restaurant).  Anyway apparently all the milk is kept behind the bar.  Our 19 something waiter told us that he'd probably be fired if he tried to poor the milk himself because he would have to set foot behind the bar, an offense punishable by firing, prison, beheading and probably more if the judge is miffed too!

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I love your descriptions! Kudos for the waiter being willing to pour the milk.

Karen said...
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