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Don't ask Santa for a Scrotum for Christmas or he might Knock Out your two front Teeth!

Jan 5, 2007

I probably forgot to mention my Kangaroo Scrotum. Well actually I didn't forget, just been caught up in getting ready to go to Las Vegas next week plus a major computer over haul. Actually, I upgraded to a new computer and its taken me all week to get the computer setup with all my programs and things.

Well, I got a couple very surprising gifts for Christmas this year, and one of them was a Kangaroo Scrotum. Now I'm sure you are asking yourself, "Did he go and sit on Santa's lap and ask for a scrotum for Christmas???"

The obvious answer is no I did not, I would never ask Santa for a scrotum. Oh and I probably wouldn't sit on his lap either.

My brother in law and his wife recently moved to Australia and they got me a couple theme gifts. One of them was a Kangaroo Scrotum, genuine no less and about the size of my palm(and I have pretty big hands too!).Kangaroo scrotum

Now in case you think that is a little over the top or something, you should know that about 3 years ago, I got them a "That's My Bush" Thong with a picture of GW on the area of the thong that was large enough to be imprinted with Bush's goofy looking mug.

I don't think I will ever be forgiven for that one, hence I got a scrotum this year!

Note- I find it amazing how many words do not appear in my spell check. You can rest assured that scrotum was there. The boys at Microsoft must have been working overtime on that one to cover their scrotums or is it scroti?

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