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The Irony of an In-law Suite in your Mobile Home

Jan 12, 2007

I live in Gwinnett County Georgia and its one of the fastest growing countries in the United States.  This means that real estate here can and usually does some strange things.  People that have owned a few acres of land for twenty or forty or sixty years often find themselves looking at offers to sell to a real estate developer for anywhere from a half million to several million dollars.


I have recently watched a development go up on either side of a small little lot that has a mobile home sitting on it.  This particular home sponsors a year round garage sale most of the time with several dozen tables permanently setup in the yard.  On these tables are collections of clothes and other items gained from years combing garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets to be remarketed in this garage sale.

Anyway the mobile home sits on at least 4 acres of land going on 10 maybe and that's worth about $1 million dollars given its location.  Its even an easy clean up.  All the real estate developers have to do is tow away the mobile home, maybe giving it away to someone that will sell it for scrap or convert it or something, then do a light bull doze over the very few scrubby trees on the lot and bam instant made for development lot, devoid of any character or feeling or vegetation.

Of course the owners must be holding out for that developer that will pay them $10 million and to help convince them, they have worked to point out that their mobile home comes equipped with an in-law suite.  So the next time you or someone you know is in the market for a million to ten million dollar mobile home that absolutely positively has to have an in-law suite, just drop me a line and I will personally act as your sales broker.  I'll even give you a $10k discount off of my 4% brokers commission if you mention this blog in your referral!

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