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Rang the Bell at Arby's

Jan 22, 2007

Last week I was driving from Charlotte, NC to Peoria, IL and I stopped at Arby's twice along the way.

The first Arby's I stopped at was somewhere in the middle of South Carolina and we got our food and ate just before about 300 kids from a church bus swarmed the place.  We got our food inside but to go.  We were given empty cups and filled our own drinks.

The next Arby's was in Lebanon Tennessee (number 05891).  I was in a hurry, the family was waiting and we got the food to go.  I ordered drinks and just casually mentioned that I wanted a small coke and a medium coke, intending to actually fill up the empty cups that I would receive with sweet tea and diet coke.

Of course, instead of getting empty cups, I got cups filled with coke.  [Groan]

So I went back to the counter and explained I had expected to be able to fill my own and could I exchange the drinks.

The guy behind the counter seemed like he had had a rough night, but was gracious and gave us new drinks in the form of sweet tea and diet coke.

I noticed while I was waiting that there was some kind of bell hanging by the door.  It said if you have received great service here, please ring the bell.

So as we left, I had my four year old daughter ring the bell.  She did it kind of quietly, so I rang it again much more loudly.

The guy behind the counter gave me a weird look, like I was from Pluto or something, but at the same time, seemed to appreciate the gesture.

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