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Something About Party Bingo

Jan 5, 2007

Its funny, I lived in Illinois for a number of year, grew up there actually.  They have lots of bingo halls in Illinois.

When I moved to Florida, I half expected to see lots of bingo halls there as well, but it wasn't the case.

These days, I check out lots of online games and I just found a new site that I plan on checking out. 

Its they offer about a half dozen different games, mostly Bingo types of Games.  PartyBingo offers up 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, Bingo Royale(without the new James Bond) Instant Bingo, plus Slots and Video Poker too.

Each PartyBingo card seems to average about 10 cents a card.

So if Bingo is your thing, or you are looking for a new online game site, this might be just the thing for you to play a little and chat a little with other players.



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