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Saturday Morning Organization the 12 year old bathroom stuff

Jan 27, 2007

My family and I are hoping to move later this summer and this time we are trying to plan our move the right way.  We want to get organized, sell or donate anything we do not need and do a clean sweep on our way to our new digs.

We have moved many times over the years and we have a legacy of bathroom supplies that grows but does not exhaust itself.  We always seem to accumulate more bathroom stuff

  • cleaners
  • medicines
  • mouthwash
  • and those miscellaneous things you only need once, buy and never use up

There's lots more stuff but the list is too long to even contemplate, but let me give you an example with the mouthwash.  I tend to buy the big value packs of mouthwash from Sam's or Costco.  Plus, we have three bathrooms and they tend to get stocked complete just in case we happen to be there.  The thing is every time we move, we tape the caps on the extra bottles of mouthwash, box them up with other miscellaneous items and ship them to the new location.

But we get to the new location before the boxes and buy more mouthwash.  The boxes come and we never seem to get around to depleting the boxed bathroom stuff.

So now over the years we have collected about 7 bottles of mouthwash, some of which is 10 years old.  The stuff can't be good anymore, but we just haven't gotten around to sorting through what is useful and what isn't.  Like I had athlete's foot about 9 years ago.  Bought some medicine for it, the athletes foot went away and now I still have a left over tube of gunk.  I save it for the day when I might get athlete's foot again, but that day hasn't come.

I have a sneaky suspicion that I will get athlete's foot the day after I throw the tube of gunk out.

I'm pretty sure that's how it happened 9 year ago too .. . .

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