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Long Past the Writers Block Now its time to get Organized

Jan 27, 2007

I have been spending the better part of the day assessing my writing capabilities and prioritizing my writing strategy from a business perspective.

I spent the day timing my typing speed and composing speed.

Then timing my production capability and average earnings potential.

Reviewing my error rates (which was painful but necessary and just so happened to be a bad day for errors too!)

I tested myself in different settings and then performed the analysis.

All in all the conclusions were somewhat obvious and somewhat surprising.  I found that I will need to dedicate entire days (or at least 8 hour blocks to certain topics to write in advance the content, articles and stories to cover certain blogs for up to 4-5 weeks before hand.  Some of the blogs that I write for I get paid per article, and I need to cover these first.

Then I need to focus on splitting up smaller 1-2 hour blocks of time throughout the day and night to cover my own blogs with the sporadic articles that come up as news happens and paid opportunities present themselves.

In between those 1-2 hour blocks I need to rotate between 1-2 hour blocks of

  • Design Time
  • Education and Training
  • Exercise
  • Relaxation

The first two items above don't pay the bills but they make greater things possible.  They are my investment in the future.

The last two things help me focus my mind and keep me sane and healthy!

Now my next step is to design the actual schedule with the goals above presented in a useful way that I can track easily and rapidly.

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