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Civil Engineer Recruiters at CSI

Jan 12, 2007

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Here is a quick note from a terrific new sponsor that specializes in recruiting Civil Engineers for firms around the country.

Candidates applying for positions in civil engineering can find an excellent partner and solution when they consider CSI. CSI is a primary and possibly the only recruiting firm specializing in the recruitment of positions for placement at Civil Engineering Firms. CSI has recently provided a release that details their approach and qualifications.

CSI is structured with professional recruiters that focus entirely on civil engineering candidates and jobs. They have accumulated 30 plus years of combined experience in Civil Engineering Recruitment. CSI's President has twenty years of Civil Engineering recruiting experience himself. Similarly, CSI's Sales Director has 10 years of sales experience. With a support staff of twelve other recruiting professionals they have the experience, focus and bandwidth to achieve results for recruits and employers.

CSI doesn't recycle old resumes or offers. They prefer to focus on fresh and timely leads by developing relationships with companies and the industry. This allows them to deliver solid candidates into solid careers building an excellent foundation for repeat business in the future with firms and companies seeking additional candidates later on down the road.

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